Life is an Open Book, so go ahead and Love | Linderman Library at Lehigh University | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | Connie & Chris’ Engagement Session Highlights


Life is an Open Book, so go ahead and Love
Linderman Library at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Connie & Chris’ Engagement Session Highlights

Connie emailed me after they committed to their wedding date asking about engagement photos and where we thought we could do them. She told me she had her heart set on this gorgeous library in Bethlehem – but she wasn’t sure it was a possibility. We told her of course it was! You just need to know who to ask.

Connie and Chris have a contagious energy – especially when they are together. Though they’ve known each other since they were very young (I believe they sat next to each other in their 3rd grade class photo), their relationship really developed later on. She’s a physicist and he’s a math teacher – which adds 100% to the charm of holding their session at Linderman Library at Lehigh Valley University.

It was a perfect day at the Linderman Library to have their engagement session – Thanksgiving break was in full swing, so there was a total of six students in the library, so we had run of the place.  I felt like we were all in elementary school again when we walked on the second and third story of the library. Our footsteps (no matter how gentle and ginger), echoed through the empty library throwing the four of us into fits of little school kid giggles.  One of the photos we took (see about 1m30s into the highlight video) resulted in a book falling off the shelf, with a resounding THUD, in the quiet library… whoops! Who studies over Thanksgiving break anyway?

Thanks Connie and Chris for suggesting such a unique and gorgeous location for your engagement session – we are STOKED for your July wedding at the Neag Planetarium!

Engaged? #engaged

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