Love at FURst Sight | Historic District, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | Nicole & Bruce’s Engagement Session Highlights


Love at FURst Sight
Historic District, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Nicole & Bruce’s Engagement Session Highlights

The first thing Nicole did when we met her on Skype was introduce us to Cooper. Introductions to Bruce came later. In case you’re wondering, Cooper is the furry bundle of joy they adopted!

Nicole and Bruce live down in Florida but are holding their September wedding near their hometown in Pennsylvania. We took took some time over our holiday break to meet up (and meet in person) for do their engagement session in Historic Bethlehem. The day after Christmas left the streets of Bethlehem practically empty; so we enjoyed the quiet as we explored the main drag. We caught a little leftover Christmas cheer in the lobby of the Hotel Bethlehem.

Cooper came along too to have his picture taken. Cooper is a seasoned and professional flyer (he travels wherever his parents do), though he is clearly spoiled by the Florida weather. Though it was a warm day in Bethlehem, it was cold to little Cooper; Bruce quickly surrendered his jacket to wrap around their pup.

It was great getting to know these two. They’ve been together since high school, own a home in Florida, drive a jeep, and have a love for their dog. We’re hoping they decide to have Cooper walk down the aisle at their September 2015 wedding – I guess we’ll have to just wait and see what happens!

Now, who gave the best smiles for the camera, Nicole, Bruce, or Cooper? You decide.

These two are pawsitively great, but if you’re ready for more love, check out some more Engagement sessions.


  1. Andrew Buhay

    Awesome talent which captured the essence of love between the two of them (and coop). Congratulations guys and great job uncorked. I hope to see you soon my friends!

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