Onward to Victory Engagement! | Victory Brewing Company | Downingtown, Pennsylvania


Alexa & Adam’s Engagement Session Highlights

Photos annnnnnd “breakfast” beer (shhh don’t tell my boss) at Victory Brewing Company…..yes please!

When Alexa and Adam called and said they wanted to photograph at Victory Brewing Company we were hooked. Not only do we love Victory beer, we but visit the brewery quite often and enjoy the amazing menu. So to say the least, having the opportunity to photograph in the Victory bar was amazing. With that being said, we would like to thank Victory Brewing Company for being amazing and letting us in their restaurant before hours to take some really cool photos. Back to Alexa and Adam! From the time we spent with them it is clear they are a fun loving who enjoys, laughing, having a a good time, and drinking great beer!

These two really connect while drinking beer so photographing their engagement session at a local Pennsylvania brewery just made perfect sense. We all tried a new combination of beer that we nicknamed, “The Monkey King!” It’s half Golden Monkey and half Storm King combined in the same glass. I think you guys might be on to something for a specialty drink at the wedding. *wink wink* You can have all couples order one of each then self mix them. Okay, so this may only be good in theory. Mixing of the beer might best be done by the talented crew at Victory Brewing Company.

As we photographed Alexa and Adam in the bar they instantly took to being in front of the camera.  It was clear they have a natural chemistry and love spending time with each other.  As we set up our lighting for each shot, it was fun to watch as they laughed and enjoyed the amazing beer provided by Victory.  We moved through out the bar, taking photos at tables, and booths, but mainly focused our efforts at well, the bar.  There is one really cool booth that sits under a gigantic copper conical boiler top.  It was really cool sit in the booth for everything everyone said, echoed through out the booth to the metal rough.  We decided to use this copper top for a silhouette, which came out preety nifty if I may say so myself.

We would like to thank Alexa and Adam for inviting us to the brewery and be a great couple to photograph. We look forward to their wedding and see what other surprises they have for their big day!

We can drink to this. We can drink to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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