The One with Fall Gardens | Engagement at Sayen Gardens | Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Kathryn & Gregory’s Engagement Session Highlights

The pitter patter of little dog feet brings joy to my ears, especially when it’s times two on the cuteness factor!

Kathryn and Gregory have some amazing love for each other. It is the kind of love which is almost like sunshine. It is the kind of love where it is clear they can spend hours in a room, not say a word to each other, but have entire conversation at the same time. We met Kathryn and Greg at the Sayen Gardens located in the gorgeous Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Sayen Gardens are fantastic and incorporate may different styles of garden into a relatively small area. There is everything from small rolling hills to paths through a forst, to ponds, to fountains.

Kathryn and Gregory did not come alone though. They brought their two best friends! Their best friends were two, small, furry, and incredibly cute dogs! We had a blast photographing the foursome as they strolled through the garden and took in the gorgeous fall day. One of my favorite photos from the session is Kathryn and Gregory sitting on a bench under a tree across a pond. I feel this picture captures Kathryn and Gregory perfectly. There is a happiness you can feel from the image. The type of happiness where just being together produces a calming all encompassing happiness.

The session ended with Kathryn and Gregory taking a stroll through the rolling hills next to Sayen Gardens. Lit by a street light, you could watch as the two fell into their own world. It was incredible to watch the rest of the world fade away for the two as they watched the colors of the sky change. We would like to thank Kathryn and Gregory for this amazing engagement session and we can’t wait to show their amazing wedding photos!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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