You Had Me At Merlot Engagement| Penns Woods Winery | Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania


Marissa & Brandon’s Engagement Session Highlights

Blue skies, puffy clouds, green vines, wine, and two cute little dogs…who could ask for more!?

If you don’t know already, Jen and I love wine. To demonstrate how much we love wine, look no further than the name of our company. With that being said, when a couple wants to photograph at a winery, a little piece of Jen and I gets very giddy. Its the kind of giddy similar to a small kid before Christmas. It’s the kind of giddy when you buy your first car. It’s the kind of giddy when someone makes your favorite dinner without asking. Okay, maybe I need to get out more, but either way we had a great time with Marissa and Brandon at Penns Woods Winery.

Penns Woods Winery is a gorgeous location with lush vines cascading over a scenic hill. The sun often sets behind the vines spreading gorgeous warm light over the fruit. To start their engagement session Marissa and Brandon started by exploring the vines and taking a peaceful stroll up and down the magnitude of perfectly pruned rows. After working up a thirst from their walk, they grabbed a bottle of vino from the tasting room and sat under a tree taking in the scenery around them. Joined by their fiery spirited dogs, Marissa and Brandon took in the gorgeous views as they sipped their wine. Once the wine was all gone they again strolled through the winery, but this time with their favorite walking companions, their dogs.

It was fun to watch the two relax and laugh together when they sat down on the grass with their little pups. Just like their pups, these two almost-weds have a ton of personality and love spending time together. I really really love the way he makes her smile!

We would love to thank Marissa and Brandon for an amazing time at the winery. We had a great time strolling the grounds, while taking some really cool photos! We also enjoyed meeting your furry little friends, and can’t wait to see everyone on your big day!

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