You Hold the Woo-Key to my Heart Engagement Session | Private Residence & SteelStacks | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Lisa and Corey’s Engagement Session Highlights

I love when we go on engagement shoots and you can tell in an instant two people are made for each other. This is the exact situation when it comes to Lisa and Corey.
These two are a perfect match. We started the day at Corey’s family farm. The farm is gorgeous and contains everything you need for a fantastic photo shoot. From the texture of the barn, to the pond, to the large old trees, the farm was loaded with character. More importantly the farm has incredible sentimental meaning to the both of them. Lisa and Corey met in high school, and they spent a lot of their days cruising all over the property in a golf cart. Hour after hour, they would enjoy the natural wonders of the property which speeding along to the hum of the golf cart motor. We were honored enough to ride in said golf cart and it was a blast, especially with Corey behind the wheel.

From the farm we headed off to the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. A classic and pillar of the Bethlehem community, the Steel Stacks provide a picturesque background while displaying a prominent part of Bethlehem’s history. Corey told us he used to come to the “stacks” with his mother where she would take photos of him around the campus. It was nice listening to him reminisce about a large part of his childhood and hearing how much the “stacks” meant to him and Lisa. As the session moved forward we traveled up on to the “stacks” where you can really start to see the texture and awesome size of the facility. We all bonded over our love of “Star Wars.” Now Jen and I are fans, but we are nothing compare to Corey and Lisa. These two know so many fun facts and details, and I have say I am pretty jealous over their collection of “Star Wars” memorabilia. The day after our session, these two were headed off to Disney World to run in the Star Wars Half Marathon! The engagement session ended with some great shots on the catwalk at night and of course the classic photo of them in front of the “stacks” bathed in colored light.

We would like to thank Corey and Lisa for an awesome time, and we are looking forward to their wedding! (oh and, if you’re as big of a Star Wars fans as they are, check out the photos we did with Lisa’s engagement ring!)

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