You, Me, and the Dog Makes 3! | Tyler State Park | Newtown, Pennsylvania


Jillian & Alex’s Engagement Session Highlights

Tucker wagged his tail feverishly in between bites of his puppychow. He was excited and camera ready to be spending the evening with his parents, Jillian and Alex!

Though the day was warm for a September day, there was just the most perfect amount of haze in the air to create an ambience in the photos at Tyler State Park. We started with some simple photos of the pair holding hands and walking (without Tucker). Tucker got a bit jealous that his parents were strolling through the woods and whined appropriately as they shared a kiss under the trees.

We made our way down to the covered bridge. Tucker looked like he wanted to take a quick dip in the water under the bridge, but we managed to get him to smile sitting next to his human parents for a few photos. My absolute favorite photos from this engagement session were taken of Jill and Alex as they were sitting on a bench that overlooked the water. These two look like they could cuddle and talk for hours on end.

A hop, skip, and a jump later (and minus 1 pooch later – it was past Tucker’s bedtime!), we found ourselves in an overlook field inside Tyler State Park. The sun had just peeked under the horizon and the moon was starting to make it’s appearance in between the most gorgeous blue clouds I have seen in a long time. Talk about dramatic (Tyler State Park always delivers on the dramatic skies)! For the final shot we had Jillian and Alex pose for a silhouette between the tree line in the field.

Let’s hope for the same beautiful sunset at your October 2017 wedding at Pen Ryan Estate! Thank you for a great time and we look forward to everything you have in store at your wedding!


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