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10… or 15 Reasons to Jump on the Mini Session Bandwagon | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania | Uncorked Studios

10… or 15 Reasons to Jump on the Mini Session Bandwagon | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania | Uncorked Studios

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10… or 15 Reasons to Jump on the Mini Session Bandwagon | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania | Uncorked Studios

10… or 15 Reasons to Jump on the Mini Session Bandwagon | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania | Uncorked Studios


SpaaRING has SPRUNG and it’s fine to get back in front of the camera! We miss your faces!

We had so much fun with so many beautiful families in 2017 and we want you to join us for our 2018 #UncorkedMiniSessions!

Top Ten Fifteen Reasons Why You should rock some (Semi)annual Mini Sessions

  1. Time FLIES!  Your family and relationships change just as fast as the seasons do. It may feel like you “just got photos taken”…. but when you do the math, it was actually quite some time ago.
    2014 versus 2017. Time Flies when it comes to mini sessions!
  2. Exist in the Present!  How many family photos of your parents have you flipped through, only to ask, “these are awesome, but where is mom?!” Mini Sessions are a perfect way to exist in photos – even if you dislike being in front of the camera OR if you always seem to be the one holding the camera.
    Mom and Minis
  3. It’s What all the Cool Kids are Doing. Whoa, that sounds a lot like peer pressure (or school yard dare). Our mini session dates sell out pretty quickly when we release the dates to current and past #UncorkedCouples, so there must be some association to this phrase. I’ll give you permission – it is okay to be a repeat offender when it comes to mini sessions and quite common!
    Cool kids at Mini Sessions
  4. Reconnect. You time. Us time. We time. Honestly, how did you feel after your wedding day portraits, or engagement session, or even the last mini session you did with Jen & Travis? You left that session with a smile on your face and holding the hands of your partner-in-crime or your mini-me(s). Am I right? I am sooooo right. You’re even smiling right now thinking about it.
    Mini Session Laughs
  5. You Just Changed the Color/Cut/Curl of Your Hair.  How much did you spend to have THAT done to your hair? I know that filter on insta is pretty darn cool…. but seriously, let’s show it off with some great pictures.
    Mini Session Head Shots
  6. Do it for Mom.  Mother always wants a new updated photo of you. OR invite Mom for a photo session WITH you. Serious bonus points there. #DoItForMom
    Mom at Mini Session
  7. Wear IT Again.  You know…. IT. That Easter dress or that Batman cape or that wedding dress…. you know IT. If it was important enough to purchase for an event, it probably means you didn’t take enough photos in that outfit.
    Mini Session in Costume Form
  8. Quick and Painless. It’s all the fun of a full 2 hour session packed into 20 minutes. It goes by so fast it probably feels like 5 minutes.
    Mini sessions are 20 minutes of FUN
  9. Hang out with Jen & Travis!  This is a solid #9 point. If we haven’t seen you since your wedding, this is a huge reason why we need to get together. When we polled our previous mini sessioners, they said this is the number one reason they sign up! (awww shucks you guys!!! *blush blush*)
    Side note: If you like what we do – Like this Facebook page Uncorked Studios
    Uncorked Studios - The Knot Hall of Fame
  10. Create Memories that Last a Lifetime. Eh, this one might be a little cliche – but it’s maybe just a little bit true. How many times have you been flipping through your childhood photos and you recall all the stories and laughs you had when a particular photo was taken. The rush of emotion is enough to stop for a moment and recollect a thousand memories.
    Just a boy and his dog
  11. No Cheeseball Backdrops. Our minis are done on location in the real world. This gives us the opportunity to scout some killer whereabouts for your photo session. We use a combination of the “seeker of light” methodology and “bang for your buck” when it comes to choosing locations for our minis.
    Tickle Tickle family fun time at mini session
  12. Great Gifts. Guysssss. Mother’s Day. Christmas. Valentines Day. Anniversaries. Father’s Day. Just Because Day. Feed Them Donuts Day (First Friday in June or November 5… just in case you were wondering). Halloween Day. Guyssssss. You don’t need an excuse to book a session, but there were 8 legit holidays I just named where someone would love to have a session booked or receive some adorbs photos of your face. Did you know we could do a complete mini session based around you and a box of donuts?
    Holiday Mini Sessions
  13. Mark a Milestone. Minis are the perfect way to mark a milestone. You know, when you have a BIG announcement to make or your about to embark on a completely life changing event! #Moving #Babies #SeriouslyDatingSomeone
    Mini Session Maternity
  14. Surprise? Or you could surprise proposal during the session (just fill us in first, okay?). If you surprise her with a ring during our mini session, you might want to book a double session, you know, pics while you’re “just dating” and pics while you’re “just engaged.” (or you could surprise the kids with that trip to Disney! Awesome way to catch their expressions on camera and be in on the action of all the hugs and joyful screams of delight!)
    Surprise Proposal in the sand
  15. Meet Jen & Travis. Photography sessions can be a big investment. A mini session is a great way to meet new photographers or test out photographers before booking a longer session or your wedding.
    Mini Session Photographer selfie
  16. BONUS. Furry Friends are the perfect perfect perfect reason to book us for your mini session. I leave you with Nismo and his “puppachino.”
    Mini Session with PUPPY

Look at all those reasons! And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Our sessions are 20 Minutes of fun with Jen & Travis from Uncorked Studios in mini form. You. Her. Him. Your Kids. Your Dog. Your Bestie. Bring one, bring ’em all. Bring just the dog. If you’re still not convinced, here’s our 2017 mini session highlight reel.

April 29, 2018 is the spring date! Drop us an email to get all the deets!

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