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A September Love So Beautiful and Divine |St. Katherine of Siena Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Ashley & Jason’s Wedding

A September Love So Beautiful and Divine |St. Katherine of Siena Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Ashley & Jason’s Wedding

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A September Love So Beautiful and Divine |St. Katherine of Siena Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Ashley & Jason’s Wedding

A September Love So Beautiful and Divine |St. Katherine of Siena Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Ashley & Jason’s Wedding



A September Love So Beautiful and Divine
St. Katherine of Siena Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cescaphe Ballroom, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ashley & Brian’s Wedding

Ashley and Jason’s journey to their wedding day began on a regular day down in the city. Jason was taking Ashley to the Moshulu for lunch. Ashley thought this was going to be a normal day in the city for them. Little did she know Jason had other plans in mind. While they were having lunch, Ashley explained to Jason that she had thought he was going to propose that morning. Not letting on to his plans, Jason laughed this off on the inside and asked her why. She responded simply with “I had a feeling.” Following lunch, Jason had the staff at the Moshulu open up the deck upstairs so that they could go up to the top deck and “look around.” At one point Ashley turned around and Jason slapped her buttocks and asked her to be his wife.   At this, Ashley automatically dropped her purse, began crying and said, “are you kidding me?” over and over again. Several minutes later, she got down on her knees next to Jason and said yes. To this day they are still confused as to why Ashley got down on her knee too!


Fast-forward to September 14, 2013, a day that both Ashley and Jason would never forget, their wedding day. It was a beautiful blue-sky day. Jason spent the morning getting ready with his groomsmen at his parent’s home. After making sure he was freshly shaven for the day, Jason began to get dressed in his tuxedo from Tony Laguda Formal Wear  in Ambler, Pennsylvania.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_005UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_007Before putting on his tux jacket, Jason carefully put on his brand new pair of cufflinks that were a gift from his soon-to-be wife. Each engraved with a special sentiment for Jason. Each gentleman looked handsome in their full attire. While Jason wore a white vest and bow tie, each of his groomsmen wore a green vest with a green paisley patterned tie. Jason’s finishing touches to his dapper groom attire were his argyle socks and sharp-looking black and white dress shoes.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_006UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_009UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_010UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_011UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_012UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_008UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_013While Jason was getting ready with his groomsmen and enjoying some relaxing “guy time,” Ashley and her ladies began their morning at Sugar Salon and Spa in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. The staff there took amazing care of each of the ladies doing hair and makeup, including the smallest of them, Ava, Ashley’s flower girl. Each of the ladies was all smiles and giggles getting ready for Ashley’s big day. After finishing touches on hair and makeup, Ashley and her party traveled to the home of Ashley’s parents.


Ashley arrived at her parents’ house to find a sweet note on her flowers from her hubby-to-be asking her to meet him at the end of the aisle! Ashley had all of her special details for the day ready to go from her gorgeous, rich blue  Manolo Blahnik heels for the ceremony to her bedazzled white Converse hightops for the reception.  For Ashley, purchasing her Manolo Blahnik heels was the best splurge for the wedding.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_027UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_034UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_035Let’s also not forget her Philadelphia Phillies inspired garter. Once dressed in their elegant deep blue Bill Levkoff dresses, it was time for the ladies to help Ashley into her white Maggie Sottero gown that she fell in love with at Baranette’s Bridal. Ashley’s gown had an intricate beaded design at the middle to give the illusion of a belt. Ashley’s favorite detail of her dress was the flowers at the bottom.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_030UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_036UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_037Ashley’s parents looked on with pride and big smiles as their little girl was being helped into her bridal gown. When Ashley was all laced up, and her veil was on, it was time for the finishing touches. Ashley’s mom helped her to put on her jewelry and the last detail to be put in place was her Phillies garter.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_044UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_045UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_046When all was in place the girls, Ashley, and her parents posed for a few formal and playful shots before heading off to the church. One of the large picture windows of the house was the perfect backdrop for a stunning picture of the back of Ashley’s dress. After pinning on her father’s single white calla lily boutonniere, Ashley and everyone climbed into the white limo provided by Sterling Limousine to travel to St. Katherine of Siena, the setting of their traditional Catholic ceremony.


Each of the ladies stepped out of the limo in front of the church with their beautiful bouquets arranged by Valley Green Flowers and Gifts. Ashley’s bouquet was a crisp combination of white lilies, roses and calla lilies. Each of the bridesmaids carried bright bouquets of yellow roses and green hydrangea that complemented their deep blue dresses very well. The flowers and dresses really pulled together Ashley and Jason’s color scheme of blue, yellow and green, which they thought would be perfect for their September wedding.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_031UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_033Excitement was brewing as it was getting closer to the time that Ashley would make her way down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams and love of her life at the end. As everyone began processing into the church taking their places for the ceremony, Ashley and her father kept tucked away in the back of the church. Jason stood eagerly awaiting seeing his beautiful bride-to-be. The couple opted to not see each other before the ceremony so the anticipation for that moment was immense.


As Ava, the flowergirl, and Colin, the ringbearer, came down the aisle, Colin carried a sign that read “here comes the bride.” Finally it was time for Ashley and her dad to walk down the aisle. Jason had the biggest smile on his face as Ashley and her father walked holding hands towards him. Seeing Ashley for the first time was his favorite part of the day!


When they reached Jason by the altar, Ashley’s dad gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek and gave Jason, his future son-in-law, a big hug before taking his seat in the pews. From that moment on it seemed as though Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of his bride! We caught many shots of him looking with pure admiration and joy at Ashley.


The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony. Following several readings and the sharing of the gospel by Reverend William Monahan, it was time for the exchanging of vows and the rings. With big smiles and full of emotion, Ashley and Jason professed their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends before slipping on each others wedding bands from Kay Jewelers. Jason and Ashley then took part in the lighting of their unity candle symbolizing their once separate lives coming together into one shared life.


During the Eucharist, Ashley and Jason took a moment to compare their shoes on the altar, which for them was the funniest moment of the entire day! Jason and Ashley then presented a single white rose to each of their mothers before it was time to partake in Communion. After the couple took their communion, they sat back and took in everything that had happened up to that moment in the day as some of their guests took their communion.


Ashley then took an offering of another single white rose to the presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Jason stood and looked on. After Reverend Monahan pronounced the couple as husband and wife, Jason was finally able to kiss his bride. They sealed their vows with a kiss before recessing down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Following the couple down the aisle were Ava and Colin again wielding another sign that read “and they lived happily ever after.” This day was truly a fairytale come true for both Ashley and Jason.


After many warm embraces and congratulatory words from their guests during their receiving line, Ashley and Jason, along with their bridal party and parents spent some time posing for a few photos outside of the church. Everyone then climbed into the limo to travel to their next photograph location. While in the limo the group shared many laughs and smiles.


The skies were a crisp blue and made for the perfect background at the Race Street Pier in Philadelphia for the next set of photographs. Everyone was such a joy to work with as we captured many stunning shots of the party, bride and groom with their families and quiet romantic moments of just the bride and groom.


The final stop for the limo was Cescaphe Ballroom located on North 2nd Street in Philadelphia. The atmosphere at the ballroom really gave way to showing the couple’s personalities and interests from the Philly Phanatic ice sculpture to the photo of a little Ashley on the door to the ladies room. The colors of the day were elegantly intertwined into the decorations of the space. The tables were draped in a deep blue linen. In the center of the table was an elegant arrangement of yellow, and white flowers mixed with various shades of greenery.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_094UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_096Tables were marked with wine bottles holding the number in the cork, bringing in small accents of wine into the overall decoration scheme. At each place setting was a soft yellow napkin on top of a decorative gold charger. Each guest was also provided with a menu for the evening and a card to leave advice for the happy couple; along with a hugs and kisses bottle opener as a small token to take away from the wedding with them.


As guests entered the ballroom they could see the beautiful wedding cake displayed in the center of the dance floor. The traditionally colored white cake, provided by Cescaphe, was a four tier cake of intermixing round and square tiers.   Each tier was decorated with intricate piping designs and edged at the bottom with blue ribbon. The second tier from the top displayed a large B that symbolized the last initial that Ashley and Jason would now share. The cake was topped with bright yellow roses matching those of the bridesmaids’ bouquets decorating the cake table.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_108Before grand entrances were made, the cake table was moved from the center of the dance floor to make way for Ashley and Jason to share in their first dance as husband and wife.  When it was time for Ashley and Jason to make their big entrance sparks flew, literally, as fireworks strapped to the metal railings were lit. After ascending the stairs into the ballroom, the guests looked on as Ashley and Jason danced to John Legend’s “Stay with you.”


Speeches were made as the first course of the meal was brought out. Each honored member of the bridal party shared heartfelt words of past memories and warm wishes for Ashley and Jason as they begin this new part of their life together. After sentimental words from her father, Ashley shared in a sweet father daughter dance with her dad followed by Jason sharing a cherished dance between mother and son.


UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_101UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_102UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_103UncorkedStudios_CescapheBallroomWedding_104The party then moved to the dance floor where the guests spent the evening grooving away to the music provided by Shoresound Entertainment. Ashley and Jason took a break at one point to view our same day slideshow that we put together of some of the photographs that we had captured throughout the day.


The guests took only for a short break from their dancing while unmarried guests participated in the bouquet and garter tosses. Ashley and Jason then got to cut their wedding cake. Both held onto the cake knife as they cut into the second tier from the top before feeding each other a bite of cake. Their cake wasn’t the only dessert that their guests could enjoy. There was also an array of fresh funnel cakes, cheesecakes and other delicious looking sweet treats.


As their guests enjoyed their sweets and continued the celebration on the dance floor, Ashley and Jason stole a few quiet moments to themselves. They snuck away to take in everything from the day and enjoy time with their new husband and wife. Their ballroom had a lovely balcony feature that allowed them to look out over their guests and take in all of the smiles and fun moments their guests were sharing in while celebrating their marriage.


As the night wound down, the energy of the guests on the dance floor continued to remain high! The final picture of the evening of Jason and Ashley was taken right at the entryway to Cescaphe. This image is one of Ashley’s favorite photos from the day; her most favorite if she had to pick just one.


Despite the day flying by in an instant for Ashley and Jason, and missing out on a lot of the food, if you ask them what has been the best day so far in their lives, they will tell you it was this day, their wedding day. As a wedding coordinator herself for Double Aces Event Planning, Ashley  suggests to all future brides to make sure to take 5 minutes to just be alone with your spouse to take it all in. If your reception venue has a balcony or area where you can look down on your guests enjoying your reception take advantage of it!

Jason and Ashley’s advice for future brides and grooms is to make sure you go with a photographer that will truly capture your personality; as they feel we did for them! We really enjoyed working with both Jason and Ashley throughout their wedding day. It was clearly evident that they truly love and support each other. We wish them many more laughs and special memories as they share in this new chapter in life!

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