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Classy Ocean Bliss Springtime Wedding | Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey | Lisa & David’s Wedding

Classy Ocean Bliss Springtime Wedding | Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey | Lisa & David’s Wedding

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Classy Ocean Bliss Springtime Wedding | Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey | Lisa & David’s Wedding

Classy Ocean Bliss Springtime Wedding | Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey | Lisa & David’s Wedding


Classy Ocean Bliss Springtime Wedding
Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Lisa & David’s Wedding

Lisa and David met at a mutual friends New Years Eve pajama party. It was love at first sight when David laid his eyes on Lisa in her red polar bear pajama pants! She left quite an impression on him that night. As they continued to write their love story together they found themselves enjoying a wonderful time at David’s family’s beach house over Labor Day weekend. While David had secretly disappeared down to the beach, his brother convinced Lisa to go for a walk to get ice cream. While they were walking on the beach, Lisa spotted David off in the distance. As she walked closer, Lisa noticed that there were five signs in the sand facing away from her. Once David saw her, he started turning the signs around one by one to say, “Lisa, Will You Marry Me?” and got down on one knee. This moment was incredibly perfect. A thunderstorm had just come through so the beach was completely empty; all except for them. We found it a perfect fit that David and Lisa selected Clark’s Landing Yacht Club as the setting for their wedding after hearing about their beachside engagement.


It was a beautiful May day, a day that Lisa would describe as the best day ever! David spent the morning at The Breakers on the Ocean with his groomsmen and father preparing for the big day. After dawning his Superman t-shirt and tuxe from Tuxedo Junction, David and his groomsmen posed for a few group shots by the beach showing off each of their superhero personas hidden under their dapper attire.


Meanwhile, Lisa was spending her morning getting ready in a beach house full of smiles and excited energy awaiting the moment she would go from Miss to Mrs with David at her side. Denise Gervaras of Makeup Artistry by Denise and Lisa from Studio 960 pampered Lisa and her girls as the moments went by getting closer to Lisa being able to put on her bridal gown; which she was most excited for that morning!


When final makeup and hair touches were complete, Lisa, her girls and Maverick all gathered around to open David’s gift to Lisa and share a few more laughs together before it was time for them to get dressed.  The ladies dawned elegant, navy dresses by Bill Levkoff purchased from Cinderella Bridals.


It was finally the time that Lisa had been looking forward to all morning, aside from seeing David and marrying the love of her life. It was time for her to get into her Paloma Blanca fit and flare gown that was purchased at I Do, I Do adorned with delicate lace, an intricately beaded belt and buttons running down the back to wear her dress flared out with soft layers. To top off her strapless gown, Lisa wore an elegant lace bolero.


Once in her gown, Lisa’s bridesmaids and maids of honor helped her to put on the final details that would complete her bridal look including jewelry by Nadri. If you asked Lisa before the big day what her favorite detail was she would have told you her shoes, veil, jewelry, all of it, but most definitely her shoes! Lisa had a perfect pair of gold Jimmy Choo heels that complimented her entire look.  The final touch before seeing her groom was a spritz of Miss Dior perfume.


Excitement was brimming for what was about to happen next! After snapping a few shots of the bride blowing kisses at the camera and Lisa, the blushing bride with her ever so proud mother, it was time for Lisa to head to the spot where her and David would share a first look together prior to their ceremony. Lisa and her girls traveled via trolley by the Long Branch Trolley Company to Spring Lake where David was eagerly waiting their arrival.


Upon arrival, David was across the bridge, facing away from Lisa wearing his groom eye mask to ensure there wasn’t any peaking. As Lisa approached David, both of their hearts were racing with excitement in seeing each other. Lisa gently placed her hands over David’s eyes enticing him to turn around and remove his mask to reveal his beautiful wife-to-be. Lisa was filled with a great excitement at seeing her “superman” looking dashing in his tuxedo and David was completely in awe of his breathtaking bride in front of him.


Lisa then surprised her father with his own first look of his daughter as a glowing bride. His reaction to the sight of her in her gown was of utmost love and pride for the beautiful woman his little girl has grown up to become.


Following some bridal party photographs, the couple spent a few quiet, loving moments around their first look spot before it was time to head to Clark’s Landing Yacht Club for their ceremony and reception.


UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_045UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_046UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_047UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_048UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_049UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_050Everyone gathered on the trolley and share in even more laughs as they traveled to their destination.


After signing the Ketubah, it was time for Lisa to put on her final detail, her veil before ascending down the aisle, arm-in-arm with her father to her soul mate and best friend.


UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_065Both David and Lisa were beaming as they joined hand-in-hand in front of their family and friends ready to profess their undying love for each other.   Their interfaith ceremony was officiated by Rabbi Dennis Tobin and Father G. Scott Schaffer.


Lisa and David shared their heartfelt vows they had written ushering both happy tears and smiles from each other as they shared in this amazing moment. After exchanging rings, they took part in a sand ceremony to symbolize the coming together of their two separate lives in to one.


Lisa’s ring was a custom design from The Gem Vault.  David’s wedding ring was from Corinne’s Jewelers.


Following the breaking of the glass, it was time for Lisa and David to seal their vows with a kiss before exiting arm-in-arm as husband and wife.


As you entered in to the reception space, Lisa and David’s classy beach theme came together in every detail. From intertwining navy with touches of seafoam to simple and elegant nods to the ocean through the use of white sea stars, nautical knots and lanterns the entire look and feel of the space gave depth to the importance of the theme to the couple. A lot of their relationship revolves around being on the water and being at the beach, so it made perfect sense that their wedding day would do the same.


UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_057UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_058UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_055UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_088UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_089UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_090UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_091UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_092UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_093UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_094All of the floral arrangements and decorations were provided by Purple Iris Flower Shop in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.  At each place setting was a special favor including saltwater taffy and a delicate, personalized glass tag created by Folio Art Glass.


All of the wedding stationary was provided by Holland Designs.

Their wedding cake, provided by Bovella’s, was a classic three-tier round cake with navy ribbon and soft piped designs on each tier. Delicate cream colored roses added an elegant touch to the second tier. Displayed on top of the cake was a sparkling letter “S”, Lisa’s new last initial she will share with David from this day forward. There was even a superhero groom’s cake to bring in more of David’s love of superhero’s and how he is Lisa’s superman!


Following the amazing entrances of their bridal party, Lisa and David definitely made a grand entrance after sharing in a passionate kiss before entering into the ballroom. The first dance was made even more special by one of Lisa’s bridesmaids, Nicole, singing their song, “Memories of Us” originally sung by Keith Urban.UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_097UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_098UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_099UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_100UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_101UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_102UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_103


The night progressed with many more moments of pure love and happiness for Lisa and David.  Their guests enjoyed music provided by the talented Mission Dance.UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_130


They took a moment to just sit back and take everything all in and were blown away by the immense amount of love in the room and how much fun they were truly having celebrating this new chapter in their lives with the ones they love and hold dear.


As they sat back and took everything in, Lisa and David were able to enjoy their same-day-edit of their wedding day provided by their videographers, Majestic Creative.


From watching them as the night went on as they listened to caring words from their bridal parties and parents, to cutting the cake together and David playfully putting frosting on Lisa’s nose, you could see that together their life is truly an adventure and filled with pure bliss.


UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_125UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_126UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_127UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_128UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_129UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_131UncorkedStudios_ClarksLandingWeddingPointPleasent_133As Lisa and David continue their adventure together we wish them a lifetime filled of love and happiness!



We will leave you with a few words of advice from Lisa to future brides-to-be:

“Don’t go crazy with invitations and other stationary, they are nice but guests won’t really remember them, and it can get pricey! Also, I wish I had had my veil for my hair trial, I may have changed the placement of it looking back in photos! At the end of the day, you are going to be the only one who knows anything went wrong, so don’t sweat the small stuff.   Just enjoy it and take a moment to take it all in!”


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