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A Day Down Town to Remember | St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Down Town Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Kristen & Mike’s Wedding

A Day Down Town to Remember | St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Down Town Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Kristen & Mike’s Wedding

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A Day Down Town to Remember | St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Down Town Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Kristen & Mike’s Wedding

A Day Down Town to Remember | St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Down Town Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Kristen & Mike’s Wedding

UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_119 A Day Down Town to Remember
St. Augustine Church, Philadelphia, PA
Down Town Club, Philadelphia, PA
Kristen & Mike’s Wedding

Mike and Kristen’s story began in their sophomore year of college when they met. Some time later, it was soon time to start a new chapter in which they would begin planning their wedding; but, before they could get there, Mike needed to ask Kirsten a very important question.

It was what had seemed to be a normal Saturday morning. Kristen and Mike went on a walk to go get some coffee. As they were walking, Kristen noticed that Mike seemed very distracted. While they walked home, Kristen was rambling on about all of the plans that she had for their future. She was talking about buying a house, and getting a dog when Mike turned to her and said, “how about we get married first?” Mike then pulled the ring out of his pocket and thus began their journey to planning their wedding day.


April 18th was the day that they would start yet another new chapter in their love story. This was the day of their wedding. Mike spent the afternoon at one of his groomsmen’s apartment getting ready with the guys. They took some time to share a few good laughs while getting dressed in their Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos.


After he was almost finished getting dressed, Mike took a break to read a love note from Kristen before opening up her present to him. Kristen had gotten Mike a very sleek Citizen’s watch to wear for their wedding day. After putting on the watch, Mike and his groomsmen shared in a quick toast before hopping in the Trolley from Bucks County Trolley Company to head to St. Augustine’s Church in Philadelphia, where the well-awaited ceremony would take place.


Meanwhile, Kristen and her girls spent the morning being pampered in their suite at the Hilton in Philadelphia. Visible Beauty provided beautiful makeup for the ladies that was both stunning and very natural looking. The ladies’ incredible hair styling was done by Hairdiculous. Kristen was quite the sight to behold with her soft makeup and intricate half-up, style with long billowing curls hanging over her shoulders and back. Tucked into her hair was a gorgeous gold, pearl, and rhinestone comb that provided a delicate sparkle just above where her veil was fastened.



After final hair and makeup touches were completed, Kristen and her girls gathered on the bed in their suite to take a few quick photos in their matching satin robes before it was time to get dressed. Each of Kristen’s bridesmaids wore an elegant black Watters and Watters dress from L & H Bridal. Each lady’s dress was different in style but complimented the elegant feel of the wedding perfectly.UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_021


Kristen’s gown was a beautiful ivory Leanne Marshall design that she fell in love with at Lovely Bridal in Philadelphia. The top of the gown featured soft, floral lace fabric that created an illusion neckline with elegant cap sleeves. The lace stopped at the empire waist. The skirt was a soft material that flowed into a delicate, sheer train.


Each of Kristen’s accessories complimented their ivory, black and gold color scheme perfectly! Her shoes were gold strappy heels purchased from J. Crew. Kristen wore dangle earrings that were gold with circle design details and a bracelet that showcased a vintage halo design. After her lace garter was in place and the penny from her mother’s wedding day was in her shoe, Kristen and her ladies were ready to travel to the church.



As Kristen and the girls, along with her parents, traveled to the church, Mike and his groomsmen were already at the church doing last minute preparations. Mike posed for a us for a few photos outside of the church before coming in for himself and his groomsmen to have their boutonnieres pinned on. All of the floral arrangements were designed and assembled by Beautiful Blooms.



Anticipation was growing for Kristen as she rode on the trolley en route to her future husband. She was all smiles and eager to see Mike for the first time that day! Upon arrival at St. Augustine’s, each of the girls held onto their beautiful bouquets of anemone, roses and greens with intermixed gold leaves


It was time for the family members and bridal party to take their places in the church for the ceremony. When it was finally Kristen’s time to enter into the ceremony space, her and her father linked arms to prepare to make the journey down the aisle to Mike. Once the doors opened and Kristen and her father came in to view, Mike couldn’t help but smile! Kristen was so happy to see all of their loved ones who came to surround her and Mike with such a great love and support on this special day for them as she made her way to her smiling groom.



Kristen’s father gave her a kiss on the cheek before taking his seat in the pews. Mike took his bride’s hand as they took their place by the altar. There ceremony was a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony. Following a few readings and sweet violin music, the gospel was shared before Kristen and Mike exchanged rings.   They each professed their love for each other and shared their vows in front of those they hold most dear to their hearts.



Once rings were exchanged, Mike clasped his hands together in joy and excitement that he could finally kiss his bride! They sealed their vows with a kiss as their matron of honor and best man stood close by. Following their first kiss as husband and wife, both sets of parents were invited up to the altar while there was a special prayer to bless the couple in their new life.


It was then time for the Holy Communion. Kristen and Mike took part in the communion before sitting back to take everything from the start of that day up until then in as their guests took part. Mike and Kristen then knelt in tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary.



They then took their seats by the altar before the priest handed Kristen her bouquet signaling that it was time for them to begin the recessional as newly wed Mr. and Mrs.. They paused for one more quick kiss before making their way down the aisle hand-in-hand. Both wore big smiles that radiated with pure joy and love for each other.


Formal family portraits were taken after everyone recessed from the church before climbing back into the trolley to travel to Washington Square Park for bridal party portraits. Everyone was all smiles as they shared in a few toasts and laughs while riding to their next destination.



Between portrait locations we were able to capture some loving photos of the happily married newly weds still glowing from all of the wonderful emotions felt throughout the events that had taken place so far during the day.


Once back on the trolley the party began with a few of the groomsmen rocking out to some tunes while busting a few sweet dance moves. The fun continued into the Down Town Club as the bridal party posed for a couple more bridal party photos while waiting for the reception to begin.



Kristen and Mike stole a chance to see their reception space before the guests came into the room. The outside of the large windows was an incredibly picturesque view of the city of Philadelphia. The ballroom was a grand ivory colored room with dark wood floors. The tables were draped with floor length champagne colored linens. In the center of the tables was either a tall golden vase holding white hydrangeas, dusty pink roses and greenery or a lower variation of the taller floral design. Some tables had large golden candleholders displaying ivory pillar candles.


At each place setting was an elegant black and white menu telling guests what delectable food they would be enjoying throughout the evening that was laid on top of a black napkin. The couple’s color scheme flowed nicely all throughout the entire space. Their tables were each marked with the name of a different Philadelphia street in honor of the setting for their wedding day.



As the candles were lit on the tables and the evening lighting was set, it was time for the guests to enter into the ballroom to take their places before the bridal party made their grand entrances. The band that the couple had booked through Brandywine Valley Talent, Midnight Hour was all set up on the stage and ready to entertain the crowd for the evening. As the band played, it was finally time for each member of the bridal party to make their entrance into the space.


Kristen and Mike had a surprise planned for their guests upon their entry. After being introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. into their reception, Mike and Kristen made their way to the center of the dance floor where a few of the staff members from the venue waited with a petal gun. Just at the right moment, the petal gun went off shooting rose petals into the air all around the couple. Each petal fell delicately like confetti around Kristen and Mike.



The couple then shared in their first dance as husband and wife as the band performed “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis. Mike is a huge Oasis fan and this was his favorite song of all time. All of Mike’s friends were excited to hear the song and started singing along with the band while the couple danced. This was the best part of the wedding day for the couple. As they shared in this special moment, their guests joined in and danced with them.


After the song finished, the microphone was turned over to the best man and matron of honor for their heartfelt words for the couple. Dinner was served and once the guests enjoyed their meals it was time to get back out on the dance floor.



It was then Kristen’s father’s turn to say a few words to his daughter, new son-in-law and the wedding guests. While sharing his heartfelt welcome speech he began to cry. This was the first time Kristen had seen her dad cry and for her this was a very moving and emotional moment.  Kristen and her dad then made their way to the dance floor to share in a very sweet father daughter dance before Mike took the floor with his mom for their mother son dance. Their guests then took their places back on the dance floor and grooved the night away.



While their guests partied on the dance floor, the happy couple took a moment to themselves outside of their venue to take everything in and get a few awesome night photos of them around the Down Town Club.



The dancing took a break when it was time for the cake to be cut. Cescaphe Event Group provided Kristen and Mike with a decadent four tier cake with each layer alternating in color from ivory to brown. On the top of each layer were chocolate and white chocolate shavings respective to the color tier they were on top of. Each of the ivory tiers had intricate piping detail that added to the elegance of the cake. On top of the cake was a custom cake topper that depicted a groom with soccer gear and a bride cheering on her favorite athlete.



Kristen and Mike cut the cake together and got ready to feed each other a small piece of their cake. While Mike sweetly teased Kristen with a small piece of cake, Kristen decided to smash Mike’s cake on his face. He ended up with frosting on his chin and all under his nose. Once he was cleaned up, the couple took some time to check out the special dessert displays provided for evening along with their cake.


UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_103UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_104UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_105Guests indulged in many sweet treats including small berry tarts to cheesecakes and a chocolate fountain. Once they had their fill of coffee and desserts, guests made their way back onto the dance floor.  Mike even joined in with the band to sing along while playing the electric guitar.UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_106



UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_110UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_111UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_112The rest of the night went down in history with Kristen and Mike enjoying every moment being surrounded by everyone they cared about in the same room at one time. For them, this was a pretty amazing feeling being surrounded by amazing love and joy in celebration of their marriage. Having a day of coordinator from First Pick Planning definitely helped to make the day less stressful and run smooth for Kristen and Mike.UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_113UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_114UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_115UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_116

As their life together continues, we wish Kirsten and Mike many more loving and joyous moments together!

For our future couples, Kristen and Mike shared a piece of advice that has been a running theme from most of our married couples;
“Try to enjoy every minute and don’t sweat the small stuff because it is over before you know it.”

After looking back on photos of your wedding you will get to see all of the moments you cherished greatly from the day, including ones that you didn’t know happened.

UncorkedStudios_DowntownClubWedding_088In closing we will leave you with Kristen’s favorite thing about being married as something more for you to look forward to when your wedding day has come to an end.
“My favorite thing about being married is knowing that I will have someone by my side for the rest of my life. Being married definitely gives you a profound sense of commitment.”



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