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Fab Friday: Favorite Websites for Wedding Ideas

Fab Friday: Favorite Websites for Wedding Ideas

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Fab Friday: Favorite Websites for Wedding Ideas

Fab Friday: Favorite Websites for Wedding Ideas

It’s officially the Holiday Season and one of my most favoritest times of the year!!! With all the festivities also comes a lot of engagement and wedding announcements! So I decided to dedicate this post to a few of my favorite sites to pull fantastic and unique wedding ideas from! Happy Planning!

Probably one of the most well known wedding planning sites is the The Knot. This website has ideas for every part of your ceremony from getting ready to the honeymoon. The also have an extensive list of local vendors in your area! You can save your favorite dresses, centerpieces and bouquets once you create a login ID. This allows you to access your favorite ideas every time you log in!

My personal favorite idea site is of course Pinterest!!!! So many creative and unique ideas and tons and tons of DIY projects to make your wedding special and unique! Obviously since I dedicated a whole blog post to this delightful website, I consider it overflowing with delightful ideas!

A new site that I just stumbled upon this week is Weddinggawker. Weddinggawker is a virtual photo album that you can scroll through and find unique and fun wedding ideas. The photos are submitted by photographers from all over. You can click on a photo and be taken to the submitters blog or website to see more photos from that event! You can create a login and save your favorite photos!

The last site I want to share with you is Etsy. Etsy has hundreds of unique shops that you can explore that offer everything from invitations, jewelry, accessories and decorations for your big day! You can find a lot of unique pieces and great deals on supplies to make your wedding day spectacular.

Happy Holidays Everyone!! I hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the year!!

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