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Thirsty Thursday: Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Thirsty Thursday: Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

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Thirsty Thursday: Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Thirsty Thursday: Dancing with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Occasion: Retro *Spontaneous* Date Night – Holy Random Batman!

Currently our kitchen is in the throws of being remodeled. That being said, I’ve been cooking in the almost dark since Thanksgiving because we removed our ceiling light to be replaced. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a suitable replacement, which was okay because we had the light over the sink in which I could cook by. Well, the other day the light burned out over kitchen over the sink. It’s hard to cook in the dark, and my husband agrees. I’m indulging you with this because it was one of the simple reasons we decided to have a *spontaneous* date night last night.

The other huge reason? BATMAN. Yep, the 1989 Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, and Jack Nicholson version of this epic super hero was playing on the big screen last night in our backyard. The Movie Tavern does these super cool nights called Retro Cinema (next week happens to be Diehard for all you ladies looking for a treat for your man).


What is so special about the Movie Tavern? Beside the fact that the seats huge, I can almost fit two of me in them, they are probably nicer than my living room recliners (not that it takes much). You can order food and they deliver it right to your seat. Not popcorn and candy, but burgers, pizza, ice cream, sodas, wine and beer! Holy Fantastic Batman!

I perused the wine list (which is decent, not extensive) and selected the Dancing Bull White Chardonnay. This wine is a little outside of my comfort zone, mostly because Chardonnays fall towards the fuller bodied end of the white wines. I must say, I didn’t taste much of the full-bodiedness of this wine. The biggest part of this wine was how acidic it was, which somewhat surprised me. The Dancing Bull Website describes this wine with, “aromas of caramel and honeysuckle, and it packs a punch with flavors of ripe, juicy peaches and apricots.” Sipping it on it’s own I did not taste the caramel nor the honeysuckle, but when I paired it with my cheeseburger, it brought out the “packing the punch” part.

No complaints on the price. It was only $6.50 a glass. Sodas cost $3.50 here, so for a few extra dollars I can easily justify having a glass (though the soda’s have free refills). The cool thing is, if you are going to the movies on a day that you can drink more than one glass (one is my limit on a Wednesday night!), or your date is drinking with you, you can easily purchase a whole bottle of wine for a reasonable cost.

Not sure what vintage this bottle was because it came out in a glass (and notice how descriptive the menu is), but I found online that a 2008 bottle had 13.5% alcohol. Whooo! My glass came out about 20 minutes before the movie started, and I had finished it about 10 minutes into the movie, needless to say, I didn’t notice the noise or projection artifacts that are common with older movies. It gave me a quite a mini buzz.

So perhaps now I can answer that yes indeed, I HAVE “dance(d) with the devil in the pale moonlight….”

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