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Introductions May be in Order

Introductions May be in Order

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Introductions May be in Order

Introductions May be in Order

Hello interwebs world! If you’ve stumbled upon our blog I welcome you.

A little history. Uncorked Studios was founded by a few people with the love of photography and the love of a good glass of wine. We believe that the pictures of your special event are more than just paper and ink or digital files on a disk. We also believe this is hard to find in a photography company today. We believe in establishing an individual and candid relationship with each and every one of our clients.

So there are three of us; Jen, Kristen, and Travis. Each of us bring completely different skills and ideas to the table. We feel it is important for you to know who is behind the mask of Uncorked Studios. We are people, we are photographers, and we care 100% about doing an amazing, fantastic, and wonderful job for you.

If you want to read more about our Philosophy and who we are professionally, try this link here (it will take you to our website).

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