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“Thirsty Thursday:” Classing it Up!

“Thirsty Thursday:” Classing it Up!

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“Thirsty Thursday:” Classing it Up!

“Thirsty Thursday:” Classing it Up!

“Thirsty Thursday” is traditionally an early start to the weekend on most college campuses. While I am no longer in college, I would like to give a new, exciting, twist to “Thursday Thursdays.”

To me, there is nothing better than a glass of wine; just poured from the bottle. Just how my morning cup of coffee clears my head and preps me for the day, an evening class of wine relaxes me and prepares me for a fun time, a good meal, or both.

My intention for “Thirsty Thursday” is to share with you some of my favorite wines, or experiences with wines. By revealing it on Thursday, this may give you time to go to the store on Friday and bring it into your weekend festivities.

Kicking off the first Uncorked Studios “Thirsty Thursday” is a Caroline Cellars 2006 Vidal IceWine. As described on their website, “the Vidal Icewine is loaded with fruit cocktail notes of peach, pear and pineapple. The palate mirrors the nose almost exactly with a touch of honey and lovely acidity for balance.” Yum!

Caroline Cellars Ice Wine - Uncorked Studios, LLC
This is the bottle we drank!

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of an ice wine. They are made for sipping and enjoying AFTER a meal. They are also commonly referred to as dessert wines. Also, rumor has it, these wines are expensive.  I’d like to point out that Caroline Cellars sells theirs (a 2007) on their website for only $25.75. Good deal!

You also don’t have to have a fancy dinner party to enjoy this wine. We drank ours accompanied by chocolate chip cookies (baked with molasses). It was a perfect pairing. I’m sure it would also pair well with some leftover Halloween candy!

“Thirsty” Thursday is brought to you by Jen, co-owner and main photographer for Uncorked Studios, LLC. If you like what you read, friend her on facebook!

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