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Linger by the Sea Engagement Session | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Linger by the Sea Engagement Session | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Linger by the Sea Engagement Session | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Linger by the Sea Engagement Session | Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Chris & LG’s Engagement Session Highlights

When Chris and LG mentioned they wanted to do their engagement session along Cape Cod, we were so excited we could barely contain ourselves! Jen is a “Maine-iac” at heart, so heading up to New England for some quality time along the ocean sounded like a great plan!

Cape Cod is actually larger than it looks, and as we drove the Mid-Cape Highway over the bridges and through the woods we found ourselves all the way out to scenic Provincetown. This little town at the tip of Cape Cod only has a year round population of 3,000, but during the summer months can accommodate upwards of 60,000! Wowza! Fortunately for us and our photo session, we snuck into this fun Cape town prior to busy season and reaped all the benefits of the quiet just-opening-up-for-the-season businesses.

It means a lot to us that our couples trust us with new locations and new adventures. Provincetown is near and dear to Chris and LG’s hearts and it made a spectacular backdrop for photos for these almost-weds. We started by heading into town so we could really capture the Cape Cod “feel” for images. A little sand, a little boat, and a view of the docks really helped place these two in a classic New England scene. They talked to us about their decisions they were making about the wedding, but it was very clear they were both very excited to celebrate with their extensive families.

To end their session, we drove out and visited the stone walkway to the Long Point lighthouse and peeked in on the Provinceland Trails. There were so many sights to take in at this little down that I’m not sure you would be able to do everything in a week (let alone a two hour engagement session!). My favorite favorite favorite images we created for Chris and LG came at the end of the session when the two of them were wrapped in a blanket together strolling along the Cape Cod beach – they just look like the complete each other!

After getting engaged in St Maarten, engagement photos in Cape Cod, these two will be typing the knot in the heart of Philadelphia in 2017. Is it May yet?

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