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The One in Center City | Crystal Tea Room & The Church of the Holy Trinity at Rittenhouse Square | Philadelphia, PA

The One in Center City | Crystal Tea Room & The Church of the Holy Trinity at Rittenhouse Square | Philadelphia, PA

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The One in Center City | Crystal Tea Room & The Church of the Holy Trinity at Rittenhouse Square | Philadelphia, PA

The One in Center City | Crystal Tea Room & The Church of the Holy Trinity at Rittenhouse Square | Philadelphia, PA

Christie & Jordan’s Wedding Day Highlights

Class, elegance, distinction, and family where the driving forces of Christie and Jordan’s wedding day.

The day started for Uncorked Studios with Christie answering the door to the suite at the Loews Hotel Philadelphia with a huge smile on her face. She invited us in and immediately introduced us to all the women in the bridal suite. Two sisters, four bridesmaids, and two mothers hung their dresses with Christie’s Pnina Tornai for a photo opportunity while reminiscing about the fun they had purchasing their dresses at Kleinfeld. Christie sat and had her hair and makeup done by Daneene Jensen & Associates while her friends and family bustled around the suite finalizing a handful of details (the ladies all matched in their Plum Pretty Sugar robes).. Though the bride-to-be had many stunning details (Shoes by Michael Kors, bling by Etsy, and a stunning lace jacket from Jenny Yoo), her favorite accessory on the wedding day was a family heirloom locket.

Jordan’s getting ready room was full of guys! In typical guy wedding day fashion, his groomsmen were there to help him relax and crack jokes to keep him smiling through the getting ready photos. He adjusted his bow tie on his Vera Wang tuxedo from Men’s Wearhouse and he was ready to step out in style. One of the biggest surprises for Jordan was a stranger buying him a drink at the Loews hotel bar just before him and his guys walked to the first look. It’s amazing what a tux can do for you when you wear it to a bar! The guys snapped some selfies and kept moving to stay warm while they waited for the women at City Hall in center city Philadelphia.

At the same time Christie was readying the note written by Jordan. As she slowly ready the letter tears started to fill the eyes of everyone in the room. Christie clutched his note in her hands, adjusted her dress and excitingly announced she was ready to see her husband-to-be. Her mom and sisters pinned in her veil and the ladies (whom all looked like visions in their Hitherto BHLDN dresses) grabbed their Charles Devlin Designs bouquets and made their way down to the lobby of the hotel to catch the transportation from Philadelphia Trolley Works to Philadelphia City Hall for the first look!

After 5 1/2 years of being together, Jordan turned to admire his wife-to-be as if he was seeing her for the first time. I know there were a few bets on what his reaction would be at the first look, so it might be easiest to roll back the tape from the videographers CinemaCake. I can tell you that he kissed her, wrapped her up in his arms, and then he checked her out from head to toe to by spinning her under his arm in the center of City Hall. Their bridal party looked on and you could feel their eagerness and happiness for the couple as they witnessed their first look.

So it was a bit unseasonably chilly outside. The newlyweds didn’t mind as Jordan held his fiancée close to him as we took photos at Philadelphia City Hall and on the iconic Broad Street. Our next stop was Rittenhouse Square Park to take bridal party photos. Though we originally planned to do a handful more photos at Rittenhouse Square Park, the windchill that was wreaking havoc through the streets of Philadelphia was a bit much for the bridal party (even though we were all channeling warm thoughts!), so they elected to head to the Church of the Holy Trinity at Rittenhouse Square a bit early to hang out with their family and friends in a warmer place! Surrounded by her sisters and friends, Christie spent the hour before her wedding reminiscing with them about meeting Jordan and her excitement to finally be married to the man of her dreams.

When it came time for the ceremony, Christie was escorted down the aisle by her father. Jordan greeted his bride with his signature half-smile and took her hand after she kissed her father on the cheek as he gave her away. Though the ceremony was in place to legally marry the two, the newlyweds have felt married for a long time. That’s just how it feels when you meet your soul mate. Christie and Jordan exchanged rings and tied the knot on their married with a kiss. The Church of the Holy Trinity solidified their marriage by snapping a quick photo for their record book which will always be a part of the church’s history.

After the ceremony there was a few family photos, some additional photos of Christie and Jordan and then they were off to the Crystal Tea Room to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests. As Christie and Jordan enjoyed the fabulous drink and hor d’oeuvres we had the opportunity photograph the stunning table arrangements provided by Charles Devlin Designs. With cocktail hour coming to a close, the bridal party and Christie and Jordan entered the dance floor to rave cheers and an incredible energy. One of the most touching part of the evenings was Christie’s father’s speech/toast. His words were heartfelt, honest, raw, and touching. He discussed the drive and motivation of his daughter while highlighting her incredible sense of humor and unwavering devotion to her friends and family. He continued to outline the impact which Jordan had on not only his daughter but his entire family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Christie’s Mom walked out and held Christie’s Dad’s hand when he started to choke up during his speech.

With more amazing toasts by Christie’s sister and Jordan’s best man, the party began and was fueled by the music thumping from Mint DJ Events speakers. The party only stopped when Christie and Jordan took a moment to cut the INSERT Termini Brothers Bakery cake. Their friends and family couldn’t get enough of the party (did you see the pictures from their Photo Booth by Beat by Beat?)! So much so Christie and Jordan opted for the amazing “after party” hosted in the side rooms of the Crystal Tea room. With more music, drinks, and traditional Philly food (i.e. pretzels and cheese steaks) the wedding partied hard into the morning, only stopping when the lights came on….We would like to thank Christie and Jordan for having us as part of their amazing day and we can not wait to see what the future has in store for these two amazing people.

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