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The One with the Perfect Snowy Day | St John the Evangelist & The Merion | Cinnaminson, New Jersey

The One with the Perfect Snowy Day | St John the Evangelist & The Merion | Cinnaminson, New Jersey

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The One with the Perfect Snowy Day | St John the Evangelist & The Merion | Cinnaminson, New Jersey

The One with the Perfect Snowy Day | St John the Evangelist & The Merion | Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Ashley & Enrico’s Wedding Day Highlights

Ashley and Enrico are unstoppable, and they weren’t going to let a snowstorm stop them from getting married.

The day started for the team at Enrico’s brother’s house nestled in the hills of Downingtown, Pennsylvania. When we arrived it might have been cold outside, but inside the house was filled with warmth and love. Surrounded by his large energetic family, there was no lack of love, food, drink, or cheer. As I was introduced to everyone in the family, it was clear where Enrico received his charming and selfless personality! After introductions we headed upstairs where Enrico quick put on his Jos. A. Bank tuxedo. To Enrico the most sentimental part of his wedding garb was in the fine details. From the watch he wore to the cross around his neck, each piece carried sentimental meaning and was a reminder of who he was and from whence he came. With a contemplative smile, Enrico was ready and headed down stairs to join the pre-ceremony revelry.

At the same time Ashley and her ladies were having her hair and make up done by Currie Hair & Skin & Nails. Once completed they headed to Ashley an Enrico’s house to slip into her gorgeous Paloma Blanca dress, from VanCleve Wedding Pavillion, with the help of her bridesmaid’s and mother. Before getting dressed, and surrounded by her girls wearing custom oxford shirts, Ashley opened her gift from Enrico. With tears filling her eyes, Ashley read the heart felt letter and then opened the box to reveal a gorgeous pair of earrings. With gift in hand she headed downstairs and put on her dress. As her mother finished the zipper on the back of Ashley’s princess dress, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. You could feel the love and emotion in the room and warmed the heart of everyone in the room.

After a few finishing touches, Ashley headed through the front door, where following Italian tradition she cut a ribbon while being showered in coins and candies. Ashley had two pairs of shoes for the anticipated weather – a pair of Badgley Mischka heels and a pair of wintery Bailey Button Bling Uggs! We snapped a few photos of the lovely bouquets from Marcus Hook Florist in the snow before it was off to the limo and the church as the snow begun to fall.

At this point the snow was beginning to fall and the roads were getting messy. Ashley wasn’t going to let a little snow stop her, this I guarantee you. Slow and steadily the limo worked its way into the city. As Ashley bared the elements, Enrico was taking care of his guests at the church. Moving around the gorgeous Saint John’s the Evangelist Church, Enrico greeted every guest and had the entire sanctuary filled with smiles and cheer. Even though the weather caused the day to run late, you wouldn’t have known it from the laughter and energy that filled the church. When Ashley arrived a hush fell over the attendants and the ceremony began. One of the best parts of a wedding is viewing the groom’s face when he first sees his bride. In the case of Enrico it was as if you could almost see his replaying the first time he saw Ashley and rapidly playing through every event until the current moment. It was truly a beautiful moment. After the ceremony, they were married by Father Joe Cocucci, and few family photos, the wedding party bordered the bus to head to Rittenhouse Square.

Ashley was a trooper during their photo session. Don’t get me wrong, Enrico stuck it out just as much as Ashley, but it was clear Ashley was not going to let a little snow stop her day! With bridal Ugg boots on, Ashley and Enrico headed out into the snow allowing us to capture some amazing images. Oh, and her cape, Ashley was such a perfect bridal snowy vision in white! Ashley’s bridesmaids popped from the white background in their Lazaro bridesmaid dresses from La Bella Moda. The snow was lightly falling, and the crisp white snow on the ground created a winter wonderland. The city was covered in a blanket of white covering the dirt and keeping people inside resulting a park filled with snow just for them. One of the best parts of the session was taking photos in front of the Christmas tree in the park. The tree holds deep meaning for Ashley and Enrico for they had one of their first dates by the tree. I was honored to take photos of them with the tree in the background immortalizing the moment. With frozen toes and red noses it was back on the Santos VIP Limousine bus to head to The Merion.

Ashley and Enrico’s reception was filled with laughter, tears, music, food, and dancing! If you were not full, happy, and laughing at their reception you did something wrong. Mirage Music Productions kept the party and fun going all night! One of the highlights of the evenings were the toasts given by Ashley and Enrico’s friends and family. Each toast was filled with heartfelt happiness but more importantly each toast discussed how selfless and giving both Ashley and Enrico are to those around them. If anyone was in need or troubles it was always Ashley and Enrico to whom they turned. One of the more comical moments of the evening was when Enciro’s best man had Enrico try on the “Borat Thong” Enrico wore on a trip to the beach. The whole room exploded with laughter, as Enrico stood on the dance floor in a full tux and “Borat Thong.” Brian from Enchant Cinema surely caught this on video!  Can we relive this over, and over and over again?

We would like to thank Ashley and Enrico for having us at their #4EverLubrano wedding and we look forward to what the future holds!

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