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The One that Had it Right from the Beginning | St Teresa of Avila & The Park Savoy Estate | New Jersey

The One that Had it Right from the Beginning | St Teresa of Avila & The Park Savoy Estate | New Jersey

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The One that Had it Right from the Beginning | St Teresa of Avila & The Park Savoy Estate | New Jersey

The One that Had it Right from the Beginning | St Teresa of Avila & The Park Savoy Estate | New Jersey

Caroline & Joseph’s Wedding Day Highlights

As a gift for their wedding, Joseph (Joe) gave Caroline a handkerchief with a quote that reads, “Caroline, I know that I will be spending the rest of my life with you and it’ll be the greatest life possible. Joe 2007.” What an amazing start to a beautiful relationship which began 11 years ago at Fordham University. How did he know he would marry this girl? Simply because she left him (and still leaves him) breathless!

Though our morning technically started with Caroline and her bridal party in the a suite at the Westin Governor Morris. I have to mention that Joe’s day started with his very traditional cup of Starbucks (it was tea though… not a cup of “Joe”… haha, #sorrynotsorry!). This is a guy after my own heart! I feel that a great cup of Starbucks always pairs well with a Vera Wang tuxedo!

The ladies filled their suite with laughs, stories, and giggles. DePasquale the Spa took charge of the hair and makeup for all the women of the wedding party. Caroline’s Pronovias wedding gown, purchased from La Belle Mariee Bridal, was tucked secretively into the hotel closet We united her dress with the Haley Paige bridesmaids gowns, from Bella Bridesmaids, for a few photo opportunities before the ladies got dressed.

Caroline’s mother helped her button the back of her gown along the lace appliqués and assisted in putting on her beautiful bracelet from Hamilton Jewelers. Her bridesmaids assisted with putting on her Kenneth Cole shoes and with the final touch of her Paloma Blanca veil, Caroline was ready for her first look with Dad. After saying “see ya later” to Mom and Dad, she was ready for the best part of the wedding day – her first look with her groom at the Park Savoy Estate!

Caroline left Joe breathless when he laid eyes on her for the first time during their first look at the Park Savoy Estate in New Jersey. July left the air warm and the direct sun could have made creating the newlyweds vision a bit hard for an outdoor first look, but just moments prior to their first look a covering of clouds came over the manicured grounds so the almost-weds could see each other for the first time overlooking the estate grounds. And though this moment felt like years in the making for Caroline – time seemed to stop and stand still for a few moments as the two enjoyed a quiet minute together. Just watching these two spend time together really showcases how beautiful their relationship is – full of love and support.

The best part about a first look at the venue before the ceremony is we get to take full advantage of all the different locations for photos! Also if there is time in the schedule we get to revisit the same locations with different lighting conditions later. Caroline and Joe left plenty of time to create images at the Park Savoy Estate (you have to check out their sneak peek slideshow – there are so many portraits!). We elected to photograph the garden area twice – once in full midday sun and a second time later in the day for a softer more romantic feel. We certainly got lucky with the gorgeous blue July skies!

As we arrived to St. Teresa of Avila Church, the excitement and anticipation for the ceremony was in the air. Once Joe’s Dad arrived with their wedding bands, from Monteleone Jewelers, the ceremony began. Caroline took her Dad’s arm with happiness and excitement to walk down the aisle towards her husband-to-be. Walking down the aisle with Dad was the most emotional part of the day for Caroline – once a “daddy’s girl” always a “daddy’s girl.”

The bride and groom sat apart for the first part of the ceremony until it came time to join at the alter to say their vows. It was truly a memorable experience for the two – saying their vows to each other surrounded by people who have loved and supported them for years. Life is full of many ups and downs, and I’m sure this exact moment (3:44 PM EST and 50 seconds to be exact on July 15, 2017) will stay present in their hearts as one of their “up” moments. Their sealed their marriage with a kiss, finished the ceremony and exited the church with huge smiles.

We snapped a few more photos of the newlyweds in front of the impressive exterior of St Teresa of Avila before they climbed back into their Lincoln MKT stretch limousine from MyLimo to be whisked back to the Park Savoy Estate for some additional photo time before joining their guests for cocktail hour. One of the favorite images created was when we used the waterfalls in the foreground and background of their images. I’m not sure which I prefer more! When these two have their arms wrapped around each other, it is easy to see that they are excited for their future together.

The tables were elegantly set, the cocktails were served, food was devoured, and the guests started to enter the historic restored ballroom at the Park Savoy Estate to the beautiful live beats from Band of Gold music. Guests found their seats via a custom mirror seating chart created by Milano Ink. The newlyweds entered to ecstatic cheers from their guests and immediately settles into their first dance together as husband and wife. Though you couldn’t hear them on the day of the wedding, Caroline told me that one of her favorite moments of the day was the first dance because the two sang the lyrics to ‘The Luckiest,’ by Ben Folds, as they laughed and shed a few tears together. Such a perfect day!

The centerpieces from Hollywood Florist towered timelessly over the tables of guests at the Park Savoy Estate. The cake from Palermo’s Bakery stood proudly behind the sweetheart table and watched silently as guests enjoyed the dancing and celebrating – truly giving the historic property a party it will never forget.  I am sure whatever ghosts may still linger on the grounds were shaking their apparitional behinds as the music filled the air and the sound of joyous laughter rang through the halls.  With everyone in tuxedos and gowns you could almost travel back in time to the 1920’s where the estate was a speakeasy and was visited by famous crime syndicate members “Lucky” Luciano, “Longy” Zwillman and Willie Morett.  The party rocked (and rolled) until the last song, with the energy in the room building until the very end!

We would like to thank Caroline and Joe for having us as a part of their day and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them both.  From the bottom of our hearts. Thank You!

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