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The One with the Fireworks | Woodstone Country Club & Lodge | Danielsville, PA

The One with the Fireworks | Woodstone Country Club & Lodge | Danielsville, PA

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The One with the Fireworks | Woodstone Country Club & Lodge | Danielsville, PA

The One with the Fireworks | Woodstone Country Club & Lodge | Danielsville, PA

Clare & Thomas’ Wedding Day Highlights

It is a big deal to have your guests cheer shout and go wild at your reception. If you’re a Penn State Fan, it’s a huge deal for that excitment to be for you and your new spouse AND the Nittany Lion breaking it down on the dance floor!

Clare greeted us with a heartfelt smile as she sat patiently getting her hair done by Makeup by Roxy. Her bridesmaids and family hustle and bustle around her as the downstairs of her parents house was packed with excitement for the wedding day. The bridesmaid’s Ali Express duel toned bridesmaids dress hung with a watchful eye in the getting ready space and provided a colorful (almost tropical!) backdrop for photos and video. 4LC Studios was there alongside Uncorked Studios to capture all the last minute preparations for the big day! And though she was excited for the company and the mimosas, Clare was most excited to be married to her Thomas and party with the crowd at Woodstone later in the evening!

While Clare was getting dolled up at her parents, on the other side of town Tom was hanging out with his guys getting ready. Surrounded by his friends and family, there wasn’t a moment the house was not filled with the sounds of laughter. The laughter rang through the house and just when you thought you couldn’t laugh anymore, another wise crack, zinger, bust, or one liner was hurled across the room sparking a cascade of laughter. With the sounds of joy serenading Tom, he finished his letter to Clare and put on his CE Roth Formal Wear Tuxedo. After a few photos, several heartfelt and touching toasts, Tom was ready to get this wedding day started. He checked the time on his watch, from Curren Fashion, and got ready to see his bride!

Clare’s beautiful sweetheart strapless Allure gown from Bridal’s by Sandra was the most absolute perfect bridal dress for her to wear on her wedding day. We couldn’t get enough of the lace train!!! David’s Bridal provided the blingy jewelry to complete Clare’s bridal look. A first look with Dad got her prepared to head off to the church she grew up in to see her fiancé for the first time on their wedding day. It was time to get married!

Thomas’ future wife clutched her bridal bouquet by Richmar Florist and her father’s arm and made her way down the aisle at Sacred Heart Church of Bethlehem towards her groom. Tom’s smiled showed his heart growing bigger every step Clare took towards him. Clare smiled back anxiously – it was so incredibly hard to believe that the day she had been waiting for was finally here! (After a little funny moment when the best man forgot the rings at Clare’s parents house and had to sprint – on foot – to go get them during the ceremony… did anyone notice?)

Pastor Robert George weaved into the ceremony a modern mix of funny moments, truthful moments, and thoughtful moments. As they exchanged their Redd and Co Fine Jewelers rings, a genuine smile crept across both of their faces as they realized they were at that moment married. The newlyweds enjoyed a personal reflection as Clare’s mother, Malia, played the harp after communion as the two sat in front of their guests at the church joined in marriage. This was such an emotional part of the day for Mr & Mrs Smith – It moved both of them to tears! As they exited the ceremony space, they shared another kiss and repeated this same kiss (plus a dip) when they exited the church to a fun bubble exit provided by their guests. They were surrounded by so much love on their wedding day!

A&A Limousine Service whisked the newlyweds and their bridal party from the church to Woodstone Country Club and Lodge for their portrait time and reception. Their portrait session was short and sweet when we arrived to the grounds, but we managed to capture many of the elements that Woodstone is known for – the stunning views and their beautiful landscaping. It was a splurge for the newlyweds to celebrate at this venue, but so worth it – especially for photos! The natural chemistry between Mr and Mrs Smith made for many memorable captures!

Woodstone provided the warm tropical lighting in the ballroom. Clare always dreamed of being married on the beach in Hawaii. Warm tropical pinks and white chair covers from Linen Tablecloth gave a beachy ambiance to the ballroom. Photos from their multiple beach engagement sessions were framed around the room and guests escort cards were actually sand dollars! To top of the look, Clare incorporated hibiscus and plumeria flowers. What a fun experience having a beach at the base of the Pennsylvania Blue Mountains!

My hands down favorite moment from the day was the launch of the first firework over the greens at Woodstone Country Club. For just a brief blink of an eye on their wedding day, it felt like time stopped for the newlyweds as they stood together as husband and wife and watched the night sky light up with fireworks. It was important for the newlyweds to take even just 5 minutes and spend a few moments alone under the stars. Tom even gave his new wife a smooch under the star filled sky when the fireworks were complete!

Next up of course was the grand entrance and breakin’ it down with the Nittany Lion. We did whole guest group shot with iconic white wedding  sunglasses inscribed with July 7 2017 and Mr & Mrs Smith from Fashion Craft and watched the talented Island Pop group DeXperience (Clare’s brother-in-law’s group) perform live for the newlyweds. After Mr and Mrs Smith cut their Easton Baking Co cake, their guests were surprised with Penn State Creamery ice cream! The newlyweds were hoisted onto the shoulders of their guests before being sent off to their new life together via a crazy hot sparkler exit!

Thank you guys for having us as your photographers and we are so happy to have met so many of your wonderful friends and family. You two have your whole life ahead of you to spend together and grow together. Cheers!

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