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The One with a 90’s Flair | Race Street Pier & The Merion | Philadelphia, PA

The One with a 90’s Flair | Race Street Pier & The Merion | Philadelphia, PA

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The One with a 90’s Flair | Race Street Pier & The Merion | Philadelphia, PA

The One with a 90’s Flair | Race Street Pier & The Merion | Philadelphia, PA

Azamir & Mark’s Wedding Day Highlights

Happiness is finding your match in life – and someone that will let you listen to all your music on the radio. What’s cooler than being cool? Having your match have the same stations pre-programed on the radio!

Azamir and Mark share a love for all things 90’s hip hop so much so they decided to incorporate it into their wedding reception as a bit of a theme! My absolute favorite was their table escort cards – cassette tape plastic cases with pictures of famous 90’s hip hop stars.

Fortunately for the bridal party, this duo left the 90’s flare to the decorations and brought a modern touch to the outfits, makeup, and general appearance of their party.

Our day started with Mark in his corner room at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia. Mark had all his guys in the room chatting about the shenanigans from the night before. He told us all about his excitement for the rest of the wedding day and how he was anxious to see Azamir. Mark dressed in his custom Joseph Abboud suit from Men’s Wearhouse. Azamir’s gift to Mark was a pair of custom cufflinks etched with a photo of his late father. It was extremely important to the couple for Mark’s father to be a big part of the wedding day – what better way than to have Mark’s father as his right hand (and left hand) man for the entire day. Azamir’s gift to her future husband moved the entire room to tears.

Meanwhile in the bridal suite at the Loews Hotel, Azamir’s friends and family gathered for hair and make-up by Lia Key. Azamir was calm and happy to be surrounded by her entourage. She was also very anxious to see her husband-to-be and wanted to hear all the details about the guys morning. Her Lazaro blush gown from Kleinfeld Bridal hung perfectly from the hanger and watched over the getting ready process. The bride-to-be shared a moment with her flower girls by admiring her bouquet from Designs by M.C. James before Azamir’s mother helped her into her wedding dress. After slipping into her Betsy Johnson sparkly heels, Azamir opened her note from Mark, and after shedding a few tears, she opened her new pair of kicks. Pink to match the dress of course!

Chubby’s Transportation chauffeured the bride from The Loews Hotel over to Philadelphia City Hall where she and Mark planned to see each other for their first look. Mark had walked from the hotel in hopes to prepare a small speech to say to his wife-to-be before seeing her. Though we missed a few of the words, we’re certain Kai Oli Films captured all the words to his short speech as well as the expression on his face when he turned around to see his bride.

Mark stepped back and gasped when he saw Azamir for the first time on their wedding day. His heartfelt reaction gathered quite a few “awwws” from paserbys as the newlyweds existed for a few moments in their own world together. As we advise all our couples, the two took a few quiet minutes alone before we proceeded with their portrait time. Sometimes these moments are the only time during the day the bride and groom get alone!

Once they were joined by their bridal party, we snapped a few photos of everyone together before we paraded the almost-weds down Broad Street for the super iconic “Broad Street” shot. Thank goodness the videographers were there – they managed to ninja grab Azamir’s veil as the wind swept it from her up-do! Mother nature was giving us a run for our money in April!

Next stop was the Race Street Pier. Though chilly, Azamir and Mark put on some brave faces and headed out into the elements. We are so happy they did because we nailed some awesome portraits at this location despite the wind, sprinkle of rain, and cold! The color texture in the clouds complimented Azamir’s wedding dress and made for a killer portrait of the two of them relaxing at the end of the pier. What a great moment! The two decided it was enough of April’s outdoor weather and we headed towards their reception hall.

The warm halls of The Merion greeted the bride, groom, and their family and friends. We finished portraits of the bridal party, family, and the couple in the long elegant Grand Hallway outside the Palazzo Ballroom. As guests arrived, the newlyweds signed their marriage license with Pastor Kevin Johnson, from Dare to Imagine Church in Philadelphia, before they made their way to the Palace Ballroom for their ceremony that planner Tammi Golden Stephens aligned all the details for a perfect scene to officially tie the knot.

The bride and/or the groom may have shed one or two tears during the ceremony (I’m not calling anyone out!) and the intimate ceremony space was warmed with the amount of traditions coming together and emotion shared. Sealing their vows with a kiss, the pair jumped the broom and headed off to cocktail hour where they mingled with guests while munching on the amazing appetizer treats prepared by the Merion.

Mr. Bowtie and the Three Piece Suit entertained guests the entire night during the reception with a crazy mix of DJ talent and live musicians. Once dinner was served and the Isgro’s Pastries cake was cut, the dance floor was packed for the rest of the night. Between the elaborate Viennese dessert bar, the crazy dance party, and the friends and family from afar, the newlyweds stayed busy at the way until their 12:30am end time! What a day!

Congratulations to the awesome duo who will be #cruzin2gether for the rest of their life! Cheers!

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