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The One with the Tall Hill | Stroud Preserve

The One with the Tall Hill | Stroud Preserve

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The One with the Tall Hill | Stroud Preserve

The One with the Tall Hill | Stroud Preserve

Christine & Edwin’s Engagement Session Highlights

Eddie and Christine saw the large hill at the entrance to the Stroud Preserve, pointed and said “I want to have photos up there”.  It was at that moment we knew there wasn’t anything which could stop Eddie and Christine.

Eddie and Christine are an amazing couple and it is very clearly they are deeply in love with each other.  As we worked with them throughout the evening, it was fun to watch as they naturally “clicked” with each other.  When one “zigs”, the other “zags”.  It was like two puzzle pieces which were meant to be connected, and when they “snapped” together they formed a gorgeous picture.

The session started by walking over the bridge and down a path to discover a long row of hay bails.  It was one of the rows which seem to go forever, a thousand bails forming a line over the horizon.  Eddie and Christine saw the 6 foot tall bails and with a little encouragement they were on top of the bails walking “hand and hand” down the long row.  After hopping off the bails, they pointed to the top of the hill, and we were off climbing the hill.

Once we reached the top of the hill at Stroud Preserve the sky was clear and the carpet of blue stretched for miles.  There was a calmness at the top of the hill.  As Eddie and Christine sat and looked out over the valley, their was a peace between them which was incredible to observe.  As we watched them, it was as if there wasn’t anyone around.  Just the two of them sitting on the top of the world.

We snapped a few more photos  and headed down the hill to a bridge leading the parking lot.  Under the bridge was a small creek which bubbled and trickled as it ran over the rocks.  Holding each other’s hands they strolled to the end of the brings where Eddie lifted up Christine and placed her on the wall.  They sat and talked watching the water pass under the bridge and the sunset in the distance.  It was an amazing ending to an amazing engagement session.

We want to thank Eddie and Christine for an amazing engagement session and we can’t wait for their summer wedding.

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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