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The One with Batman (and his Catwoman) | South Gate Manor | Freehold, NJ

The One with Batman (and his Catwoman) | South Gate Manor | Freehold, NJ

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The One with Batman (and his Catwoman) | South Gate Manor | Freehold, NJ

The One with Batman (and his Catwoman) | South Gate Manor | Freehold, NJ

South Gate Manor

Valerie & Joe’s Wedding Day Highlights

So I spent quite a bit of time before I started writing this blog googling “who is Batman’s greatest love?” And the results, were, rather complicated – so I took my own liberty to decide that Batman’s true love is Catwoman, because Catwomen is determined, calculating and wise (as well as gorgeous and an adventurer) which reminds me of Valerie. If you haven’t caught on yet that Joe is the Batman to her Catwoman, well… he totally is.

When the door opened to the bridal suite at the Radisson Hotel there were people everywhere laughing and hanging out as the hair and makeup team from Angel Face NYC prepped each lady to be ready to stand next to Valerie at the alter. As we watched the ladies get ready, we admired the beautiful locket Valerie had with her details – a heart shaped case with a photo of her late mother on the inside.

Heirloom locket

One of my most favorite moments from Valerie getting ready the morning of her wedding (besides when she put on her stunning gown from Kleinfeld Bridal paired with the most stunning veil I’ve seen in a long time) was the moment when all the bridesmaids were gathered together on the bed and the little flower girl, Victoria, was given permission to toss her flower girl petals in the air to shower the bride – and chuck them at Brian from Enchant Cinema!

Flower girl getting ready

While Valerie hung with the girls only a couple floors up from her groom Joe was hanging out with his groomsmen.  Joe has an incredible energy around him.  It is one of confidence without ego and security without arrogance.  It is the kind of feeling that no matter what happens you know he is always going to be there for you.  With energy like that, it is very clear why Valerie fell in love with Joe.  Joe carefully put on this suit, executing every button and zipper with precision.  As you watched Joe, he wasn’t putting on a suit, but rather donning the garments that will assist him in getting married.  With a quick fix of the tie Joe was ready to go and heading out into the second room of his suite where he greeted with rousing a cheers.  With a celebratory toast, and final words of advice, Joe was ready to head to the church.

Did I mention that Valerie made each groomsmen a personalized boutonnière? Here is Joe’s. (I always wonder what LEGO characters she would have chosen for us).

I. Am. Batman.

With her veil in place, Valerie read the sweet note from her groom before she put on her gown with the help of her bridesmaids (all dressed to the nines in their David’s Bridal gowns). Valerie showed off her custom patch sewn into her dress – it reads “My detective has my ❤ | V&J | 9.29.17.” She secured her locket to her bridal bouquet from Sam Gregorio’s Florist and the ladies climbed into the limo from Concord Worldwide to be whisked away to the church for the ceremony.

My Detective has my heart

Saint Robert Bellarmine welcomed the almost weds and their family into the lobby of the church to begin the ceremony. Valerie and her father hid in a backroom while Joe and his Mom exchanged smiles prior to the ceremony. Natural light streamed in through the windows as Valerie and Joe said ‘I do’ in front of their closest friends and family.

They exited the church to a cloud of bubbles and blue sky. It is so amazing to see the smiles on the newlyweds faces as they realize that they are now joined in marriage!

My favorite part of the wedding day was once we arrived to South Gate Manor. The bride and groom left us a great amount of photo time and the weather was absolutely perfect so we took the newlyweds and their bridal party outside to the South Gate Manor garden to capture every photo possible! I seriously had to recreate this one again from the morning.

Flower Girl Fun

And just so Joe wouldn’t get jealous, we did one with him too (wait for it, you’re heart is going to melt – she was teaching Joe how to blow bubbles).

Did your heart just grow three sizes? Valerie and Joe just have this wonderful aura around them. When they look at each other they can’t help but smile – it’s like they constantly have a secret that they don’t want share with anyone else that only the two of them know.

And Joe said if his Batphone rang he HAD to answer it. So when it rang, we created this photo. (I half expect him to disappear and come back with a cape).

But all kidding aside, these two have the most beautiful love and truly make each others hearts sing.

Pops of reds and oranges filled the expansive ballroom at South Gate Manor as the staff prepped for the reception of Valerie and Joe. The newlyweds entered the ballroom to excited cheers as they ducked under a tunnel of arms and flowers of their bridal party.

Touch of Class DJ’s was on hand with their DJ services and Photo Booth to celebrate with the guests. The Chocolate Carousel created an truly lovely cake for the newlyweds to cut and feed each other. And not to mention there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when the newlyweds shared their dances with their parents. Such a beautiful evening of traditions!

And between the traditions and the tears and the festive spirit, the dance floor always stayed partying with guests as they danced the night away.

It is such an amazing feeling to know that they know they always have a partner in crime (or in justice) when they have each other! Thank you for having us be part of your wedding! #HappilyEverCentners

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