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The One with The 1908 Dentzel Carousel | Please Touch Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The One with The 1908 Dentzel Carousel | Please Touch Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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The One with The 1908 Dentzel Carousel | Please Touch Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The One with The 1908 Dentzel Carousel | Please Touch Museum | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Please Touch Museum Wedding

Stacey & Phil’s Wedding Day Highlights

A 60-foot ceiling which houses a four-story replica of the Statue of Liberty’s arm and torch (made of toys, duh) and a ride on a fully restored 1908 Dentzel Carousel is certainly the most magical backdrop for a wedding reception – if this sounds like utter perfection to you – welcome to the Please Touch Museum!

You couldn’t help but stare at Stacey’s wedding dress the moment you walked into the bridal suite at Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue. Her Watters gown, from Bridal Garden, was certainly a showstopper with delicate straps and texture of the fabric created a perfect homage to a classic art deco mood.. I mean, honestly EVERY detail Stacey chose matched this amazing vision – her Badgley Mischka shoes, her Barsky Diamond bridal rings, and to top it off, a vintage cocktail ring that belonged to her Grandmother. Stacey’s florist, Leigh Florist, also left us a box of beautiful flowers to use with her detail photographs during the day.

Badgley Mishka

Jessica Beauty created dashing looks for the bridesmaids makeup while Bridget from Nicholas Sebastian Salon completed updos and hairstyles for every lady in the bridal entourage. Stacey opened a letter from her groom and received the most beautiful Swarovski bracelet as a wedding day gift from her beau (how did he know it was going to match her dress so perfectly?).

Stacey got dressed with the help of her daughter a few of her bridesmaids. Stacey’s Mom placed Grandmother’s ring on her hand before Stacey did a big reveal to her bridesmaids (there were ten ladies in the bridal party!). The ladies climbed into a trolley from Philadelphia Trolley Works to make a quick stop at her childhood home prior to making their way to the church.

Philadelphia Trolley Works

While Stacey was getting ready at the hotel, Phil and his groomsmen were getting ready at Phil and Stacey’s house.  When I entered the house, I was instantly surrounded by laughter and incredibly hospitality.  Phil and his groomsmen are not only friends and family, but they are also firemen.  If you know anything about firemen you know the bond between firemen is a unique, special and, incredibly strong.   As Phil hung out with his groomsmen you could feel this bond in the room.  It was clear everyone there had Phil’s back not only today on his wedding day but everyday in the future.  After a few drinks Phil headed up stairs to put on his elegant and class tuxedo from Lifestyle’s Tuxedos..

Groom Getting Dressed

As he put on the tuxedo Phil was the definition of composed.  Every movement precisely executed and with extreme care.  As we talked you could tell there was excitement and joy under his calm and composed exterior.  Once ready, he headed downstairs for a few more drinks with his brothers before head heading out to the church. Well, we may or may not have made a quick pitstop at a local watering hole – you know, firemen need to make sure they have proper hydration in any situation.

Groomsmen bar stop

A wedding ceremony wouldn’t be complete without the ability to rewatch your vows and the exact moment you become husband and wife – so the team from Active Image Media was on hand to capture these memories for the newlyweds. Saint Joseph’s Parish was the magical backdrop for the ceremony of Stacey and Phil.

Saint Joseph's Parish

Phil waited patiently at the front of the church to see his gorgeous bride-to-be… however, you could tell he was anxious to see her for the first time.  As Stacey came down the aisle, there wasn’t a single pair of eyes focused on Phil, for they were locked on to Stacey and her radiant smile.  As Stacey reach the front of the church, everyone faded away for Phil and Stacey.  At that moment they were the only ones in the world in each others eyes.  Once seated the heartfelt and warm service continued with gorgeous readings and lyrical songs.  With a final prayer Phil and Stacey were officially wed!  After warm hugs, kinds words, and some family photos, it was off to the Please Touch Museum for photos!

The unseasonably warm weather was perfect for some outdoor images once we arrived to the Please Touch Museum. The Bella Bridesmaid dresses (from designers like Adrianna Pappell, Bari Jay, Dessy, and Ansale) the bridesmaids wore paired perfectly with the green doors and light granite that make up the historic building.

Please Touch Museum Front Steps

One of the greatest advantages of having your wedding at the Please Touch Museum is the ability to wander through the museum in the dark after-hours and take your photos literally anywhere in the museum. We got to take the time to adventure around with Stacey and Phil – though I think my most favorite and most magical photo we took inside the museum was this Disney perfect moment of them sitting on the 1908 Dentzel Carousel.

1908 Dentzel Carousel

A little background – the Please Touch Museum was originally built in 1876 for Philadelphia’s Centennial Exhibition and originally named the Memorial Hall. The Beaux Art architecture is just a magnificent backdrop for a reception in Hamilton Hall. The newlyweds dramatized the space with romantic pink uplights (from Synergetic Productions) paired with soft metallic golds and rose golds as accents.

Hamilton Hall

Guests probably think I’m nuts – but I could stare at the ceiling in the beautiful Hamilton Hall all night. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

Hamilton Hall Ceiling

Brûlée Catering created a magical spread of deliciousness for guests to eat during the cocktail hour and reception. Isgro’s Pastries‘ cake was a perfect vision of metallic tones and guar flowers – it was like a piece of art! And though they cut the most beautiful cake – there was also a table full of the most delicious looking donuts (I have no idea who made these donuts, but can you guys send me about a dozen of them?).

Isgro's Bakery Cake

Enough about food. The newlyweds mingled and danced all night to the beats from DJ Nick of Schaffer Sound Disc Jockeys. The bride and groom have an affinity for 80’s tunes and they certainly brought people to their feet to dance the night away. When people weren’t dancing or eating, they were enjoying the Picture Perfect Photo Booth. And just as the last song was played for the evening, guests gathered on the steps of the Please Touch Museum to send the newlyweds off with a celebratory sparkler exit.

From your Magic Kingdom proposal, to your fairytale wedding, we’re so excited to see where your beautiful love takes you in this lifetime. Cheers to #toTALLYhitched !

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