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The One with Big Pocono | Big Poconos State Park | Tannersville, PA

The One with Big Pocono | Big Poconos State Park | Tannersville, PA

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The One with Big Pocono | Big Poconos State Park | Tannersville, PA

The One with Big Pocono | Big Poconos State Park | Tannersville, PA

Awesome Night sky at Big Ponoco State Park

The One with Big Pocono | Big Poconos State Park | Tannersville, PA

Brie & Adam’s Engagement Session Highlights

Travis and I got in the car the day after photographing a wedding and headed towards the Poconos with no final destination in mind. Okay, that may be a BIT of an exaggeration, BUT we didn’t land on a final location for Brie and Adam until we were about halfway to the Poconos. The weather wasn’t looking so grand and the original location(s) we planned to photograph in had been taken over by winter storm damage and were closed for the season. Yikes! The good news, we remember that one of our most favorite locations was close by and makes for the best photos – which also makes Brie and Adam the best because they were up for anything!

Brie and Adam enjoy exploring this world together, in fact, one of their favorite activities is to hike together and spend time in the Poconos, so Big Pocono Mountain made the most sense for the backdrop for their engagement session. The summit of this mountain shows views of Pennsylvania and New Jersey – it’s quite a sight to see! Though we cheated a little, we didn’t hike to the top, we cruised along the paved roads all the way up to the parking lot at the top. I mean, Brie was wearing heels after all.

Checking out the view at Big Pocono State Park

These two have known each other since PRESCHOOL! Ah!!!! How amazing is that? These two have pretty much known about each other for their entire lives! They reconnected in eighth grade and had a epic one day dating relationship before Brie called it off. She must have known he was pretty special because they stayed friends all through high school into college. After college, Adam and Brie tried the whole dating thing again, but this time it stuck. It REALLY stuck!

Strolling in the Mountains

Brie loves that Adam makes her laugh and smile. ” He finds a way to make the most challenging days meaningful. He is always putting me first and he knows exactly what I need even before I do. He’s always there to listen and offer me support. He’s my best friend and I couldn’t imagine a day without him by my side.” Brie’s favorite photo from their engagement session is this black and white one.

These two are a match made in heaven – before they knew what to expect at the engagement session, they went ahead and practiced different poses and scenarios – guys, I’m seriously interested to see what you came up with for these ideas! They confessed that they didn’t need to use any at our session, but Brie did request a ” lifting” photo – which turned out to be Adams’ favorite photo from the session! (last photo of the night too!)

Romantic Sunset at Big Poconos Mountain State Park

” I remember feeling sad that it was over and anxious about how long it’d be until we’d hangout again,”  Brie recalls their first date (your FIRST date? Or second FIRST date? Hmmm?) and her realization that spending every day with Adam would make her so very happy. It made her even happier that her protective trio of brothers gave Adam their stamp of approval.

Being in your arms!

Adam on the other hand had a crush on Brie ever since they reconnected in eighth grade. Being the smart guy he is – he said to himself, ” if the timing worked and I had a chance, there would be no way I would let it pass by.”  Well, obviously Adam seized the moment and kissed Brie on her birthday. ” and I knew there in that moment that there was nothing in the world more important than being with her everyday for the rest of my life.”  Adam kept that promise to himself by proposing to Brie at a ” holiday” party (it was a setup) in front of Independence Mall in Philadelphia to the tune of ” Perfect”  by Ed Sheeran.

Admiring the engagement ring!

Their favorite part of being engaged is being on the same path together and strengthening all aspects of their relationship before they say, ” I do.” Both of them are looking forward to having each other officially by their sides for the rest of their lives and all phases of life. They look forward to calling each other, ” forever teammates.” Adam loves how fun Brie makes his life. ” I can’t help but smile as soon as I see her and suddenly nothing else that happened up until that moment matters.” He also loves that she loves him when he may, or may not, be hangry.

Laughing together at Big Pocono State Park

Our goal is to help our couples connect at their engagement session and to go through a photo session prior to the wedding. Brie and Adam nailed every pose and scenario we gave them and it was fun watching them connect throughout the session. When was the last time you just stared into your partner’s eyes? ” It was definitely weird at first having to look into each other’s eyes for so long but after the first few photos, it actually made us feel more connected. It was fun getting that close to one another and pushing ourselves to be comfortable in new poses. I felt closer to Adam than I even thought possible during those moments.” I mean, we always say (…when it comes to photography…), if it feels weird, you’re probably doing it right!

Epic sunset at Big Pocono Mountain

Brie’s advice to the newly engaged is to not stress out! ” Make the process fun and enjoy making big decisions with eachother.” As these two plan some of their final details for their June wedding day, they look forward to walking down the aisle and looking at one another on their wedding day. There will also be quite a fun party with friends and family. We’re so excited to capture your love together on your wedding day! We’re so excited to hangout and take more photos – oh, and get you two married!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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