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The One with the 2606 Acres of Possibilities | Ridley Creek State Park

The One with the 2606 Acres of Possibilities | Ridley Creek State Park

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The One with the 2606 Acres of Possibilities | Ridley Creek State Park

The One with the 2606 Acres of Possibilities | Ridley Creek State Park

Taking a stroll together

The One with the 2606 Acres of Possibilities

Elyse & Ryan’s Engagement Session Highlights

You know the pups are an important part of the family when you purchase them new collars to match the outfits the humans are wearing for the engagement session. Meet Broc and Bella…. and Elyse and Ryan….

Elyse and Ryan have been together for 5 1/2 years and continue to fall in love with each other every day. The love dogs, motorcycles, beer, and adventure. Truth be told – they love each other the most out of this list and we spent most of our time together laughing and having a great time at Ridley Creek State Park. We chose Ridley Creek State Park because these two have spent so many summer days walking their pups through the different areas of the 2,606 acre state park.

Getting ready for the kiss at Ridley Creek State Park

This duo met working in an office together (which may be why we get along SO well! Travis and I met at work too!) and have been inseparable ever since they started dating. Elyse believes that, ” good things come along when you least expect it ” and in this case it was so very true! Together they celebrate that every day is a good day and every moment is a happy one. Ryan believes that he is a better version of himself because the life they have shared together. He proposed to Elyse on a day after work. They took a ride on his motorcycle to Westtown Lake and in a quiet and peaceful moment, Ryan bent down to, um, ” stretch, ” and asked Elyse to be his wife.

Strolling with our pups

These two cannot wait to be married! And though they are enjoying being engaged, anticipating the future, they are so excited to start the next chapter of their lives. More adventures, adventures with children, having a blast with each other, and traveling with the one that loves you with all your heart. Having your best friend by your side and waking up together every day is what they both look forward to for married life.

Black and White pondering the future

One of the best moments from the session was when we sat the family of four on the steps at Ridley Creek Mansion together. Elyse says that this is one of her favorite photos because it represents the four of them on an average day. ” Broc is sitting there looking at the camera and Bella is just being herself looking for squirrels. I’m looking down laughing at Bella while Ryan is laughing at me.. that’s basically us every day! ”

Engagement Session with Dogs on Steps

I adore how this is them everyday. Ryan loves how ” Elyse has a willingness to laugh and enjoy every moment of life. ” Aw wow, that’s such an amazing quality to recognize in someone – especially your future spouse! Elyse loves most that Ryan ” makes me laugh and his sense of humor. ” She also says she could smile and laugh at him all day long. Ryan’s favorite photos are the candid closeup images when we caught the two of them telling some secrets together.

Telling secrets at engagement session

These two were so easy to photograph – they took direction so very well and did literally anything we asked them to do… but my favorite part of their Ridley Creek State Park session? Travis and I were discussing the final shots of the evening and we turned around to realize that we accidentally caught the two of them being themselves…. oops. We asked the pair of them to walk out of the grasses back to their dogs so we could do ” THE ” ring shot…

God Rays at Engagement Session

…annnnnd we turned our backs for like 2 seconds and then we saw…..

Carrying his bride

So we yelled ” DROP HER! ”

Black and White romantic engagement

Just kidding. Haha, actually we yelled ” KISS HER NOWWWWWWW! ” reaaaalllly loudly and took this photo.

Carrying her through the grasses

Also…. two dogs means two ring shots…. because seriously, how do you pick between Bella and Broc.

Ring on Dogs Nose Ring on Dog's Nose

We usually ask (in hindsight) to our couples WHY should other couples do an engagement session? I LOVE what Elyse wrote. ” Have you ever had someone tell you to look at your spouse and gaze in their eyes? And at that moment you realize how truly lucky you are and how madly in love you are with someone. The wind is blowing and it’s quiet outside and it’s just the two of you and you’re looking into each other’s eye and it’s almost like you can the whole world in tour hands at that very moment. And then when you see the pictures you can still feel the same love you felt at that very moment. A casual time between just you and the one you love. ”

Casual moments

Is it JUNE YET?! I can’t believe we have to wait almost another year to watch you two tie the knot. It’s going to be such an amazing day!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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