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The One with Blustery Winds | Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

The One with Blustery Winds | Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

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The One with Blustery Winds | Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

The One with Blustery Winds | Folino Estate Vineyard & Winery | Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Michelle & Steve’s Wedding Day Highlights

Now one fine day the east wind traded places with the west wind, and that’s turned things up a bit all through the Hundred Acre Wood. Now, on this blustery day…” (Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, 1977), wait, that is the beginning of the wrong story, though the weather theming may be the same!

So on one blustery day in November (eleven eleven sixteen to be exact), a wind from the east or west landed Uncorked Studios at the home of Michelle and Steve for the preparations of their wedding day. We were greeting by the hoots and hollers of their lovable dogs, Kawi and Loki (remember these fuzzy faces from their engagement session?!) and a pile of hair and make-up supplies on the dinning room table. While the pooches helped Travis photograph Michelle’s details, Jen hung out with the ladies and heard the excitement building as  Tanya’s hair and makeup team finished each girl. Michelle and her maid of honor split a cupcake before they hopped into a large passenger van to make their way over to Folino Estate!

While Michelle was getting ready, Steve was surrounded by guns, alcohol, and great friends. I don’t know about you but I don’t think it get much better than that! As Steve got ready, the house was filled with laughter, stories, and classic “ribbing” — there was not a single dull moment to spare. The energy in the house was fantastic! If you weren’t not laughing or having a good time with this group of guys, you are not going to have fun anywhere. After putting on his Men’s Wearhouse suit, Steve stepped outside for couple photos. Granted, he looked dashing in his suit, he looked a lot more comfortable with a hunting rifle in his hands and “busting” on his best man. With a few photos under his belt and little time to burn, everyone headed downstairs to the basement which housed a full bar including a keg and top shelf liquor selection. After a few more toasts Steve and the boys were ready to go to Folino Estate!

Michelle and her ladies arrived to the bridal suite at Folino Estate. The ladies dressed in their wine color gowns from David’s Bridal then quickly helped the-bride-to-be dive into her David’s Bridal Galina dress.  Michelle completed her bridal look with shoes from Steve Madden and a beautiful necklace from Littman Jewelers gifted to the bride by Steve’s mom. After smiles all around from the ladies, Michelle made her way to the ballroom for the first look with her husband-to-be.

Steve waited patiently in the Folino Estate ballroom for Michelle. She called his name and once he turned around he walked up to her and pulled her in close for a romantic and emotional embrace. The two stood for a few moments together in their wedding ballroom and just let the world fade away as they took in the magnitude of their wedding day. Steve checked his future bride out from head to toe, then the two of them made their way to the Batter Up! cupcake table to decorate a birthday treat for the Bride’s grandfather.

After showing off the honey table (the guest’s gift was a little jar of honey from the groom’s parent’s honeybee that the groom had arranged in a ‘K’ on the table), the bride and groom had their bridal party join them for some photos in the Folino Estate restaurant and ballroom. The original plan was to take a stroll outside for some portraits, but the blustery winds and dropping temperatures provided by mother nature kept us all inside the beautiful Estate.

Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding ceremony. The ladies clutched their magnificent bouquets from Bloom Flower Co and marched into the ceremony space to united Michelle and Steve in marriage. There was not a dry eye in the house. I swear, all 110 guests (okay, maybe not ALL, but most) wiped away a few tears as these two said their vows and sealed their marriage with a kiss! Reverend Brett Reider pronounced them husband and wife and the two exited the ceremony space right into cocktail hour. A whirlwind of family photos lead us right into the reception.

One of the coolest part of having your reception at a winery is… well the delicious home grown wine! Folino Estate has about 10 different wines at this family own established which makes it great for a variety of tasting and to have a glass (or two) for a celebratory drink! DJ Adam from Sound Factor brought the newlyweds into the ballroom to dance their first dance as husband and wife. It was important for Michelle to capture a sparkler photo outside, so we took the newlyweds and their bridal party out into the crisp November night air. Though our blustery winds had died down a bit, they left us with a unnaturally cool air that left us all snuggling closer to the ones we love!

What a day, what a celebration, and what a dance crowd at Folino Estate! We enjoyed every blustery minute with the two of you on your wedding day and we cannot wait to see where life takes the two of you in the future! #PeanutButterKellyTime

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