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The One with Her Man in Uniform | HollyHedge Estate | New Hope, PA

The One with Her Man in Uniform | HollyHedge Estate | New Hope, PA

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The One with Her Man in Uniform | HollyHedge Estate | New Hope, PA

The One with Her Man in Uniform | HollyHedge Estate | New Hope, PA

Bride and groom in uniform at HollyHedge Estate

The One with Her Man in Uniform

Jen & Chris’ Wedding Day Highlights

Ladies always say that there is nothing better than a man in uniform – picture this: adorable couple in love, a groom in uniform, a blushing bride, a picturesque rustic landscape of greenery and an old country inn… this is just the beginning of Jen and Chris’ story!

It was such an amazing treat to find ourselves back at HollyHedge Estate! The rustic elegance of the property gives such a delectable backdrop for creating images… and Travis and I got to do one of our most favorite (and rarely done) things on the wedding day – photograph the bride and groom details in the SAME location at the SAME time! Ahhhh! It’s the little things.

HollyHedge Wedding. HIs shoes. Her shoes.

Jen and Chris met working together at the same high school. He introduced himself to Jen at the copy machine in the staff room. Sounds like the plot from a movie right? The two bonded while attending different school functions and soon found themselves in love. Chris surprised Jen with a proposal in a hot air balloon. Such a sweet way to ask the woman of your dreams to marry you! (and in the middle of writing this – they both informed me that they were driving 30 minutes for tacos to celebrate international taco day – HELLO COUPLE OF MY DREAMS!)

Groom in uniform.

HollyHedge gave the couple the opportunity to create a loving, intimate, and rustic atmosphere for their bridal party and guests. They loved the property so much that they chose to hold their wedding on one of the only days that was available in the summer. Since they are both teachers they had two requirements – HollyHedge and Summer Wedding. I’m glad it worked out because many of the charms of the original property (established around the late 1780’s) still exist today and it’s SO photogenic. We were able to use the ‘ Old Barn’ for many of their photos. We elected to get Jen dressed in the upstairs of the Old Barn because it’s so picturesque!

Maggie Sottero and Sorella Vita Gowns in the Old Barn at HollyHedge Estate.

Chris got ready in the Country Inn at HollyHedge Estate.  The room was modernized with a small kitchen and table, which was perfect for it gave a space for all the guys to hang out while Chris was getting ready.  The entire room was filled with laughter.  From stories in the service to things which happened the night before, the energy in the room was contagious.  You couldn’t help but laugh along.  With military precision, Chris put on his tuxedo.  Every movement was precise as he put on his tie and vest.  Even though he doesn’t wear a tuxedo often there was a routine in his movement which brought comfort to him and those in the room.  With final touches from his father and the guys, he was ready to head on out.

groom prep at HollyHedge Estate

With some time to spare Chris wandered the property looking quite dapper in his JoS A Bank attire.  As he strolled we snapped a few photos while talking about what he was looking forward to the most during the day.  You couldn’t pull the smile from Chris’ face if you tried!  He has a cool nervousness about him where you knew he was a little jittery, but really more excited to see his bride-to-be and get the day started!

groom in front of HollyHedge Estate

Chris’ most prized possession to wear on the wedding day (besides his shiny new ring) was his grandfather’s watch. I’m certain it will bring many years of luck and good fortune to this marriage!

Marine groom wear's his Grandfather's old watch on his wedding day.

Surrounded by her sisters and Mom, Jen put on her Maggie Sottero gown, from Castle Couture, and all of her details. The champagne vibe of the Sorella Vita bridesmaid’s dresses, purchased from Hearts for You, fit the space perfectly. Hair and makeup was done for the entire bridal party by the talented artists at Daneene Jensen & Associates.

Putting on the garter

Add in a touch of her jewelry being ‘ something borrowed’ from her older sister on her wedding day. Add Jen’s twin helping her into her Badgley Miska shoes. The final touches were put on by Mom, who adjusted all of Jen’s wedding.  Jen’s favorite part of her dress was the lace. It’s stunning, don’t you agree?

Maggie Sottero Stunning Gown at HollyHedge Estate.

” I love her tenacity and how caring she is. Jen also always see the bright side of situations. She’s also adventurous and will try things outside of her comfort zone. She’s my soulmate, and I’m lucky to be her husband,” Chris muses over his favorite things about Jen. And though she looked like a million bucks in her wedding dress – I think he would have married her standing over the copy machine in their school break room in jeans!

Bride and flower girls at HollyHedge

It’s always so hard to choose the ‘ best’ part of the wedding day – I mean, by the end of the day you’re married to the love of your life, so how could it not be the best day ever? Jen and Chris decided that their favorite part of the day was the first look. ” When we first saw each other, all the nerves melted away. We can handle anything as long as we’re together!”

Bride loving her groom in uniform at the first look. at HollyHedge Estate

Jen’s wedding day wishes had their first look happening with her husband-to-be in his Marine dress uniform. Let’s pause for a second because there really is nothing better than a man in uniform. Jen loves that, “ Chris is the most genuine, caring person. He will do anything for the people he loves, and always thinks of the sweetest way to show affection.”  So if Jen’s wish was a first look in uniform – so be it!

Mark Bryan Designs

Chris remembers, ” I was anxious, but relieved. Walking up to her with her back towards me was like a dream. When I called her, she turned around, and I was just so happy I was going to get to spend the rest of my life with her. She looked so amazingly gorgeous, and I was in awe.”

Getting Ready for First Look at HollyHedge

So cue up a pretty much a perfect moment. Chris came through the old gates into the courtyard to see his fiancée standing on the steps where they would later say their wedding vows. He extended his white gloved hand to help her down the steps and give her a passionate kiss. Yep. True story.

First Look at HollyHedge

” I just felt so lucky and thrilled that I was getting to marry him. It was finally real and happening, and I couldn’t wait! I also just felt so much calmer. Any anxiety or nerves just vanished; I was getting to marry my best friend, so as long as we were together, nothing could ruin the day. He’s also an incredibly handsome guy who totally rocks a uniform!” Jen thinks back to her favorite part of the day.

HollyHedge Estate First Look

We took some photos of the two strolling together through the garden before we posed a twist on an iconic shot – the bride getting her bottom swatted by the flat side of a saber. Traditionally this shot is done after the ceremony by other members in uniform while standing in a sword arch, but Chris was changing out of his formal uniform into a more rustic wedding attire, so we thought we’d modify the tradition a bit. I love this photo of Jen scolding Chris for being a bit naughty. No worries, he was gentle!

Military sword swat to the blushing bride

After an outfit change for Chris, we were joined by the bridal party for some tradtional posed photos. What a great group of people! Both Jen and Chris are quite family oriented individuals, so it was great to see that so many of their bridal party members were parts of their family (or friends that could be considered family).

Bridal Party Photos at HollyHedge

And because I cannot get enough of these two together.

taking a stroll at HollyHedge Estate

One of Jen’s favorite things about Chris is is red hair, freckles, and his sense of humor!

Bride and Groom at HollyHedge Estate

We turn to the most amazing part of their day – the intimate ceremony. Best friend Ben Madovoy officiated the ceremony in front of 83 of their closest friends and family. Chris’ Dad read a reading and so did Jen’s brother. The two exchanged rings and sealed their vows with a kiss! AND a KISS DIP!!! #couplegoals

A dip is the perfect way to seal your wedding day vows!

I’m certain at this point the rest of the day was a blur for the newlyweds.

HollyHedge Ballroom

The reception featured additional floral arrangements by Mark Bryan Designs as well as featuring their cake by HollyHedge Estate. Mini Booths setup a Photo Booth for guests to enjoy as well. The reception space had amazing mood lighting by Bob Egan Entertainment.

Mark Bryan Designs

One of the highlights from the reception (besides the traditional first dances, bouquet/garter, etc) was watching the newlyweds cut their cake with the saber! Had you ever tried to cut a cake with a sword? It’s hard than it looks! We then borrowed the saber for a unique ring shot for the couple. Believe it or not, balancing the rings on this thin blade was quite the challenge – especially with the dance floor hopping to the beats of PSK Entertainment Company (if you’re still seeking musical entertainment for your wedding – these twin brothers can certainly put on a show)!

Bride and Groom's rings on US Marine Saber

This perfect day was full of so much happiness for the newlyweds. ” We were so happy to be promising each other forever, and all our loved ones were there to share in the happiness.”  From now on for you two, ” Every moment, every adventure, every problem or success, for the rest of forever, will be shared.”  And we think this is the sweetest thing and we’re so happy this is one of your favorite parts about being married.

Smooch on the dance floor at HollyHedge Estate

And so we end this amazing wedding day with a sparkler sendoff for the newlyweds. Off to the afterparty!!!

Sparkler send off for bride and groom at HollyHedge

Wow. GUYS! Thank you for including us on your journey! We can only imagine the adventures the two of you are going to have in the future!


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