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The One with the August Palindrome | Skytop Lodge

The One with the August Palindrome | Skytop Lodge

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The One with the August Palindrome | Skytop Lodge

The One with the August Palindrome | Skytop Lodge

Skytop Lodge Wedding

The One with the August Palindrome

Heather & Brian’s Wedding Day Highlights

Well you know it’s going to be an amazing day when the bride opens her gift and the groom’s wedding day gift to her is a new puppy.

Heather and Brian’s wedding story starts with a proposal from their dog Baxter. The night prior to bringing him home, the dating duo went out to dinner and returned to Brian’s condo to find roses and a card sitting on the table. ” The card was “ from Baxter”  thanking Heather for all of the prep work she had done for him to come home. The last line of the card read, “ Dad and I have a question and we hope you say yes.”  Heather turned around and Brian was on one knee.”

puppy on wedding day

So it makes perfect sense that their newest addition to the family (puppy number two) would make his/her announcement on their August wedding day. (I mean, the gift Heather gave to Brian wasn’t too shabby either – an elegant engraved Rolex that they hope one day will become a family heirloom). I think the funniest part of looking through their photos was watching the two of them unwrap their gifts – both had wrapped a box, inside a box, inside another box, inside a bigger box…. etc…. unbeknownst to eachother!

Heather eagerly shared her new puppy news with her bridal party as Make me Glam and On the Fringe finished up the makeup and hair for the ladies. Heather had gifted each of her bridesmaids a custom sweatshirt (super cute!) and Mom even joined in on the picture taking fun!

Bridal Party with custom sweatshirts

Heather planned for their wedding day to be full of traditional and elegant vibes – girl, I’d say you nailed it. She chose to have their color palette be two of their favorite colors – navy blue with accents of powder blue and silver. The ladies bridesmaids gowns from Morilee (purchased from Sposabella) really embodied all the vibes and colors that Heather chose.

Mori Lee blue bridesmaids dresses

Heather’s Eddy K gown from L&H Bridal was spot on. A train for daaaayyyyys and a custom designed back were the highlights of this amazing bridal dress. Paired with a cathedral length veil, Heather was the perfect bridal vision. Heather shared with me that her bouquets were inspired by Princess Diana’s cascading bouquet. Lori from Skytop lodge nailed this floral vision!

Princess Diana inspired wedding

Heather said her favorite wedding splurge was the invitations for their wedding day. ” We worked with April Lynn Designs in Langhorne and it was such a fun process. We love how they turned out and we have a set of the suite framed in our foyer amongst our Uncorked Studios photos!”

April Lynn Designs Wedding Invitation

While Heather was at her parent’s house getting ready, Brian was at the gorgeous Sky Top Lodge surrounded by his friends and family. If I had to pick one word to describe Brian (which is very hard to do) I would choose the word is “ class”.  From the top of his classey haircut to the bottom of his classes patent leather shoes, Brian oozed class and charm.

Groom in Lobby at Skytop Lodge

I mean… he got his bride-to-be ANOTHER PUPPY. That doubles the charm.

Groom in Lobby at Skytop Lodge

Choosing classic tuxedos provides by Nordstrom, Brian and his groomsmen looked as if they fell out of an Audrey Hepburn movie. After putting on his tuxedo, Brian and the groomsmen headed to the lobby for a few finishing touches and for Brian to see his family. The lobby echoed the classic nature of Brian’s attire placing him perfectly in an environment constructed of dark wood and leather over stuffed furniture. It was a truly a “ movie like moment”  when Brian’s parents saw him for the first time. In a moment filled with both tears and laughter, you could feel everyone’s love for Brian as his Dad adjusted Brian’s tie before some photos.

Groom's tie being adjusted

With Brian ready to go, photos taken, and groomsmen assembled it was time for Brian to head to the church to meet his wife to be.

Groomsmen assembled at Skytop Lodge

Brian loves that, ” Heather is intelligent, funny, kind, caring, and honest. She is an amazing person and an even better partner. I think she will be an incredible mother some day and I’m looking forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.” As Heather appeared at the back of The Church of St. Gregory, Brian was so incredibly happy. ” We didn’t do a first look or see, call, or text each other since the night before, which made that first moment more special.”

Bride walking down the aisle

” I love that Brian is so positive, honest, loyal, and loves me for me with all of my quirks. It’s truly a mutual unconditional love. He’s an incredible dog dad to Baxter and it melts my heart. I can’t wait to see what an amazing father he will be to our kids.”  Heather made her way towards her husband-to-be. The two had planned a traditional catholic mass for their wedding day since they were both raised in the Catholic church.

Church Catholic Ceremony

The best part of their wedding day? Perhaps saying their vows. ” It was such an incredible feeling and at times, doesn’t even seem possible to feel that much love and care for someone.”  Heather had so many different emotions pouring through her during the ceremony. ” But I think “pride” is one that sticks out most in my mind. I was proud of who we were as a team, proud of the man I was about to marry, and proud of the obstacles we had overcome. Plus Brian looked so incredibly handsome that it was hard not to smile nonstop!” We hope that Monelli Films caught every moment from your ceremony on video so you can relive it – word-for-word every anniversary!

Sealed with a kiss!

The newlyweds arrived at Skytop Lodge for their portrait session after a fun ride in their limo from Nassar Limousine. It was a teeny bit wet around the venue (thanks mother nature!) when we arrived, so we created portraits on their covered porch in the back of the property.

Bride and Groom at Skytop

Which happened to be the most perfect location for the bridal party photo. I love this photo.

Skytop Lodge Wedding Bride and Groom and bridal party on Porch

Next up was the pre-planned trip to the local waterfall – Indian Ladder Falls. And though there was a bit of dampness in the summer air, Heather and Brian knew that the waterfall photos were going to be a classic and a favorite from the wedding day. What do you think?

Indian Ladder Falls Bride and Groom

The falls sit at 50 feet high and about 75 feet at the base and give a glorious flow post-rain…. so I think we nailed it on their wedding day as far as perfect waterfall conditions!

Indian Ladder Falls Bride and Groom

And though they’ve only be married for a few short weeks – the feeling of being married has encompassed these two. ” I love seeing the wedding ring on Brian’s finger every day and knowing that it symbolizes such a sacred promise to each other.”

Indian Ladder Falls Bride and Groom

The reception at Skytop Lodge brought on all the emotions. The couple shared a very special first dance to Frank Sinatra’s ‘ The Way You Look Tonight’  – you could see from their expressions that this was a very incredible moment for the two of them! DJ Paris from Weddings by Paris helped create a great ambiance for dinner and dancing!

Skytop Lodge Wedding Reception

Other emotions that surfaced were ones like ” emotional.”  Heather’s Matron of Honor gave a very touching speech for the newlyweds that Heather wants to cherish and hold onto forever. Also emotions of ” celebratory”  and “overwhelming (” in a good way!)” and ” magical”  and ” perfect”  hit the meter of feelings during the reception. It’s amazing to be surrounded in a room full of people that only wish you a lifetime full of happiness and love.

Skytop Lodge Wedding Reception

I love that a little bit of childhood whimsy can make a fun addition to a wedding reception. ” It’s amazing what a little neon and props will do at a reception. As soon as those light-up foam things came out, people really got into the party. It was a last-minute decision and probably one of the best ones we made. A bunch of photos and videos surfaced the next day and we were shocked that everyone (even Heather’s grandparents) had one in their hand and were waving them around like maniacs.”

Skytop Lodge Wedding Reception

We asked the newlyweds what they would have changed about their wedding day. Their response? ” Not a thing. The day was amazing and we couldn’t have imagined it coming together any better.” Brian loves that being married makes them a solid team for life and they will always be there for eachother.

Skytop Lodge Wedding Reception

So Brian, we have a question for you – on the NEXT important day of your life… are you going to gift Heather a third puppy or a third ring? Keep us posted!


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