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The One with Myles and All the Advice | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One with Myles and All the Advice | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

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The One with Myles and All the Advice | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

The One with Myles and All the Advice | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Super romantic bridge photo in Phoenixville

The One with Myles and All the Advice | Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Colleen & Brett’s Engagement Session Highlights

We can all agree that the best advice is when you’re engaged is to use the word ” fiancé(s) ” AS MUCH as possible to refer to your spouse – since in your time together it is such a short period in your life you actually get to use it! This is Colleen’s favorite part of being engaged – getting to call Brett her fiancé.

This glob post is quite fitting to be published today – Brett proposed on August 14, 2017 while the duo was on a joint family vacation in the Outer Banks. Everyone got posed up for a big family photo and Brett switched the camera to video and proposed to Colleen in front of all their family. Of course she said yes! The two met in 2012 through mutual friends at Kutztown University and hit it off right away.

Grafitti in Phoenixville for this engagement session

The first time we met Colleen and Brett was at a destination wedding for his brother in Turks and Caicos (read that 2013 blog over here for Nikki and Ryan!). Guys, you haven’t aged a DAY. Seriously, how do you do that? (and your kids are going to have AH-MAZ-ING genes, btw). I’ve been in love with their contagious smiles ever since 2013 and we’ve been DYING to photograph their wedding!

black and white photo from the archives

2013 from the photo archives of Uncorked Studio at Nicole and Ryan’s Turks and Caicos Wedding! I just HAD to share this! <3

The two are relatively calm laid back individuals – so we wanted to channel that for their engagement session. They spend a lot of time outside at their house in Mont Clare so we elected to start their session there to show off their beautiful home. Annnnnd my favorite part of their session…. Myles.

Myles the Puggle

I mean, I ADORE Colleen and Brett…. but I have a major crush on Myles. I mean, who wouldn’t love this adorable puggle?

Myles the Puggle love

Those big brown eyes. Oh Myles, I love you.

Obsessed with Myles

Colleen’s favorite thing about Brett is ” he knows exactly how i work and i can never stay mad at him… i just start laughing. ” Can I even type what Brett wrote about his wife-to-be? What if I put it in quotes? #JenCopiesAndPaste – Brett says, “ dat ass 😂😂😂 ” – and no worries, Colleen self proclaims that all she can do is laugh and never stay mad. To be fair, Brett also says, “ I knew she was the one because ‘all of the boxes were checked off, except one. The one with the ring in it. ” Brett also looks forward to sharing the same last name with Colleen.

All smiles at this engagement session

After we gave Myles all the lovin’, Colleen and Bret changed outfits and we headed to Bridge Street in Phoenixville. This duo spends a great deal of time hanging out in trendy Phoenixville since they are walking distance to all the awesome local businesses. We started on one of our favorite streets for photos – a little cobblestone way off of Bridge Street. Colleen is a trooper and successfully navigated the cobblestone in heels (with a Brett assist of course).

All smiles at this engagement session

” Hands down this picture [is our favorite] because right before it, our instructions were for Brett to spin me, look at me, then pull me in for a kiss. As he was spinning me he forgot to pull me in so I went for it. Afterwards, he admitted he forgot to pull me in because I distracted him too much. ” So I posed the question on Facebook of who took it? Travis or Jen. Here is your answer!

Who took it?

One of the weirdest moments from the session came from a group of individuals who advised this young couple, ” don’t do it.” I applaud Colleen and Brett for being able to keep focus on each other during this photo setup, especially when the world is full of unsolicited advice on everything marriage. Never forget the way the two of you look at eachother and I googled some advice for you. I found a sweet little quote from Jane Wells written in 1886, here is my favorite sentence, ” believe the best rather the worst.” I have never seen so many beautiful smiles for one another during an engagement session – you two make a wonderful team.

All smiles for Colleen and Brett

If you’re wondering – her dress is from Lulus, jeans from Dynamite and top from Altrd State. Brett’s whole outfit was Old Navy (minus the Nikes).

Engagement Photos outside Bluebird Distilling in Phoenixville

The funniest moment was when we were standing on the walking path at dusk and we kept getting inundated with runners! ” Some people had fun with it and others tried to sprint by! We just kept hanging there like it was totally normal.”  I’m pretty sure all of them wished them congratulations and best of luck (and I’m sure one of them told them to go get a beer when the engagement session was over! Now THAT is some great advice).

Phoenixville running club

It was such a perfect night. It was amazing to watch the two walk hand in hand around their favorite town. They both did very little to prepare for the engagement session, so having their photo taken together was a great distraction from the wedding planning and stress that it can bring. The two enjoyed the rare showing of PDA – engagement sessions are such a great reminder of what all the planning is for – your love for another human!

A little PDA in Phoenixville

They both look forward to their continuing adventures as a team, planning trips, and just enjoying daily life together once married. Colleen is excited to walk down the aisle with her Dad and see Brett standing at the alter waiting for her. Brett is looking forward to take his bride in his arms and dance their first dance together as husband and wife (both Repkos!). They are going to have a magnificent party to celebrate their love – all the other details will fall into place as needed.

A kiss on the head at this engagement session

Thank you for letting us crash and celebrate your negative one anniversary with the two of you! We cannot wait to be a part of your wedding day!!!

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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