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The One With Scooch | Trout Lake Resort | Stroudsburg, PA

The One With Scooch | Trout Lake Resort | Stroudsburg, PA

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The One With Scooch | Trout Lake Resort | Stroudsburg, PA

The One With Scooch | Trout Lake Resort | Stroudsburg, PA

Amanda & Joseph’s Wedding Day Highlights

A little rain, a little sun, a little bit more fun at Trout Lake Resort! Amanda and Joseph were united in marriage in front of their friends, family, and most importantly, their daughter Avrianna (aka, Scooch!)

The bridal suite was bustling with activity as Amanda prepped for the wedding. Tangles Salon worked busily in the suite at Hampton Inn & Suites Bartonsville as the ladies of the bridal party chatted and swapped stories about the almost-weds and their beautiful daughter, Avrianna. Amanda’s Romona Keveža gown from Wedding Salon of Manhasset stayed tucked away in the closet until Joseph had cleared the room.  As the morning progressed, the room as abuzz with energy!  From little kids running around, to the joyful laughter of bridesmaids, the entire room was filled with an incredible energy.  Once hair and make up was complete, and all future husbands had left the room, Amanda slid into her dress with the help of her brides maids.  With a bit of jewelry and a spray of perfume, Amanda was ready to go to see her “husband-to-be”. Amanda topped off her look with her “something borrowed” – the veil from her matron of honor’s wedding!

At the same time, Joseph got ready in a room down the hall and as you entered the room you could feel Joseph’s excitement to marry the love of his life.  Every time Joseph saw Amanda he got more and more excited to the point, where when I asked him what he was looking forward to the most in the day, he responded with a simple, yet elegant, “getting married”.  With a little help from his father, Joseph slid into his CE Roth Formal Wear suit and was ready to to see his “wife to be”. Well, he was ready once he donned his Jets socks!  Before running out the door he had one more stop to make which was to delivering a gift to Amanda.  Heading back to her room, he handed the gift to one of her lovely bridesmaids and then headed down to the lobby to work his way to the first look.

Joseph wrapped his arms around his bride and gave her a kiss just as a bit of rain started to sprinkle over the lawn at Trout Lake Resort. We did a handful of first look photos along the bank of the calm water before we retreated towards the Lake View Center to find cover from the passing sun shower. The almost-weds didn’t let the weather interfere with their time together prior to the ceremony. No sooner than the rain stop, did Avrianna and the rest of the bridal party make their way to the lawn for the pre-ceremony bridal party photos.  After a few family photos in the shade, everyone was ready for the ceremony at Trout Lake Resort and watch Joseph and Amanda, “tie the knot”.

One of the most memorable moments from the day for us was when we snapped an image of Amanda, Joseph, and Avrianna and snuggling together. The weather caused Avrianna’s hair to stand completely on end – almost like her mom and dad were sending a shock of electricity through her!

The ceremony was held at a gorgeous location overlooking the scenic and peaceful Trout Lake.  With a steady breeze, large white clouds, and gorgeous sunlight the day came together for a touching and personal ceremony between Joseph and Amanda.  The bridesmaids clutched their Floral Boutique bouquets against their Bill Levkoff dresses from Christiana’s Bridal. Just when you think the day couldn’t get anymore special for the couple, a special VIP officiant was present to formally announce Joseph and Amanda, husband and wife.  To understand the special officiant it needs to be understood Joseph is a very large Jet’s fan.  Like a “ride or die” Jet’s fan.  So having  the Jet’s Chaplin, Adam Burt, proceed over their wedding was a great honor to not only Joseph, but Amanda as well.

Just as the newlyweds were announced into the modern lakeside ballroom at Trout Lake Resort – the staff opened the giant floor to ceiling windows so the fresh breeze from Camelback Mountain could blow in through the room. Amanda and Joseph shared their first dance together and a second dance with their arms wrapped around Avrianna. Avrianna gave a smooch to each of her parents before they sat down to hear the wonderfully personal toasts from their bridal party.  The speech of the night was given by Joseph’s father who highlighted his son’s rambunctious past, while demonstrating how Amanda has enriched his son’s life and how Amanda has become a daughter to him.

With the closure of toasts, the night jumped into full swing with music and entertainment provided by DJ Kevin Ramaley from Rockin’ Ramaley.  As some guests danced the night others enjoyed the spectacular sunset of Trout lake highlighted by dark grey clouds and brilliant colors bursting across the sky.  After the cake was cut and with drinks in hand, the happy couple danced the night away surrounded by their friends and family.  We would like to thank Joseph and Amanda from the bottom of our hearts for incorporating us on their big day!

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