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The One with the Mini Coopers | Washington Memorial Chapel & Normandy Farm | Pennsylvania

The One with the Mini Coopers | Washington Memorial Chapel & Normandy Farm | Pennsylvania

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The One with the Mini Coopers | Washington Memorial Chapel & Normandy Farm | Pennsylvania

The One with the Mini Coopers | Washington Memorial Chapel & Normandy Farm | Pennsylvania

Kristin & RJ’s Wedding Day Highlights

Just a hint of snow covered the ground this fine March morning that Kristin and RJ chose to tie the knot at the lovely Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge Park. There is nothing prettier than the glistening snow in the morning sun!

Kristin and her bridesmaids started their day rather early to accommodate for the morning ceremony and brunch reception planned at Normandy Farm. The recently renovated suite at the hotel was a modern twist to the historical elements that Normandy Farm is known for and made for the most perfect backdrop for bridal preparations. Kristin and her bridesmaid’s David’s Bridal dress hung around the room and watched over her as Kristina and Jennifer completed the hair and make-up for each of the ladies. My favorite bridal detail that Kristin had (aside from her red shoes she wore at their engagement session) was the custom black and sequined garter that brought her love of the Mummers into the wedding.

There is something about a man in uniform!  Kristin loves the way RJ looks in his uniform and RJ was more than will to comply to his bride’s wish.  As Kristin took over the bridal suite, RJ got ready in in a friends room and was serenaded by said friend as said friend showered and RJ got into his uniform, RJ carefully, and with incredible precision, put on his uniform.  It was fantastic listening to RJ discussion the different piece of insignia and how the uniform has changed over the year.  After brushing off the coat and straitening his tie, he headed down stairs to receive a gift from his bride.  Delivered by Gabriella, the flower girl, the gift was a book of postcards and messages from all 50 states.  It was a truly personal and sentimental gift which resonated strongly between RJ and Kristin.

As the bridesmaid’s surrounded Kristin to help her into her wedding gown, the room filled with memories and excitement for the ceremony. Kristin chose to wear her Mom’s wedding veil, such a great detail for her something old and something borrowed! We dried a few tears, put on her red pumps, and climbed into the Alpha Coach limousine to be taken away to the ceremony where she would see RJ for the first time on their wedding day.

I feel like every event we do in this area captures some kind of historic aspect. The church where Kristin and RJ exchanged their vows was completed in 1917 in honor of President George Washington and the brave soldiers that served in Valley Forge. Washington Memorial Chapel is perfectly suited for weddings – it just feels like a classic backdrop for a movie wedding. As Kristin descended the aisle on the arm of her Father carrying her Willow and Thistle bouquet, RJ could barely contain his smile. He thought his future wife was a perfect bridal vision. This is the moment I want to watch on repeat from 4LC Studios wedding video.

The newlyweds exited the church to an array of almost 20 BMW Mini Coopers in the parking lot of Washington Memorial Chapel. What a fun sight to see all the cars lined up and perfectly cleanly washed with the white and green backdrop of Valley Forge National Historical Park with hints of snow. I might be a little biased (being a Mini Cooper owner myself), but it made for such a fun formal exit from the church! Their guests cheered them on as they shared a few more kisses in the parking lot before we made our way back to Normandy Farm for their afternoon reception.

Kristin and RJ tied many of their shared interests into their reception decor at Normandy Farms. The two share a love for all things from England (table decorations had an English flair) and their cake topper was from the land of Mickey Mouse. The two entered the reception to claps and cheers and shared their first dance as husband and wife to a video of a Phil Collins cover singer singing their first dance song. As soon as the toasts and dances were complete, the Second Vision started to play some awesome dance music!

At the first break for the band, we were treated to a very very personal Mummers performance. You see, the bride is an active member of Duffy String Band and many of her friends who attended the wedding also were part of the band. Have you ever seen a bride rock a Saxophone? We have! RJ took the responsibility of pumping up the crowd and performing he perfect Mummers strut. It was such a great moment during their wedding day and such a fun honor to experience it!

At the end of the reception, we stole Kristin and RJ away back to Valley Forge for some additional portraits. The newlyweds planned the most perfect end time for the reception  so we had complete access to golden hour. The two stole some kisses inside the old structure of the Washington Memorial Chapel before sneaking across the street to watch the sunset over the rolling hills of Valley Forge Park.

Thank you thank you thank you to the two of you and may all your wishes and dreams come true together! #KgreyandRJ

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