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The One with the Movie Plot | Celebrations | Bensalem, PA

The One with the Movie Plot | Celebrations | Bensalem, PA

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The One with the Movie Plot | Celebrations | Bensalem, PA

The One with the Movie Plot | Celebrations | Bensalem, PA

Nighttime at Celebrations

Samantha & Michael’s Wedding Day Highlights

Samantha and Michael’s wedding was a fairytale in the making. It felt like the day progressed like a love story written straight out of the movies. The bride, the groom, and all the family and friends invited to the wedding all played major parts and different roles in the wedding day cast.

Scene One: Bride’s  Childhood Bedroom
Samantha’s childhood home was the first stop in our wedding day with the couple Her Alfred Angelo wedding dress hung prominently with the sunlight streaming through the window. The ladies returned from having their hair and makeup done by Brennan and Joy before they popped a bottle of champagne and had a toast to the bride.

Alfred Angelo Dress

Scene Two: Groom’s Childhood Home
Cut to Michael at his childhood home surrounded by his friends and family.  As Michael gets ready in his parent’s bathroom, downstairs tables are overflowing mouthwatering food.  Michael’s mother has her hair and make up done as his Dad relaxes with the groomsmen and talk about the dinner the night before.  With soft light pouring through the window Michael puts on his Rudi‘s tuxedo as he talks about the amazing vacation and future in store for him and Samantha.  Once dressed Michael heads down stairs and out front to have a few celebratory cigars with the groomsmen.  After a few photos, several toasts, and a lot of laughter, Michael and the groomsmen boarded the party bus provided by Celebrations Limousine to head off to Saint Monica’s Church.

Groomsmen sharing a cigar

Scene Three: Bride’s Childhood Home – Exterior
I have a soft spot for Dads – so when Samantha’s Dad asked me to recreate an image of his daughter and his sports car – I totally was 100% on board with his request. Though Dad wanted to go all out and have Samantha sit on the car – I love this version of the image where they are looking at each other; Dad holding her flowers and his daughter holding the photo of her as a child with the car.

Sports car and bride

Street Photography

Before getting into the Celebrations Limousine Service party bus to head to the church, Samantha posed with each of her bridesmaids (their purple gowns from Alfred Angelo were such pop of happiness especially when paired with the bouquets from Infinitely Yours Flowers) as friends and neighbors watched and wished her good luck. It was very sweet to watch the community share their love for the newlyweds! It felt like everyone only had the nicest wishes to give to the bride!

Bride and bridesmaids in Alfred Angelo

Scene Four: Saint Monica’s Church – Exterior
We arrived to the church early – which is somewhat unusual for a wedding party. Once all the guests had funneled into the church, Samantha made her grand exit from the limousine and up the stone steps into the church where she would become Michael’s wife.

Saint Monica's Church Steps

Scene Four: (continued) Saint Monica’s Church – Interior
Samantha whisked herself into the church and took her Dad’s arm to be escorted down the aisle. Michael waited for his bride at the head of the aisle. When the doors opened and he laid eyes on her for the first time on their wedding day, he was completely awestruck at his beautiful bride. I was awestruck that this church allowed us to use flash for the entire ceremony! Check out how beautiful this scene is when we can add just a kiss of off camera flash to a church setting!

Saint Monica's Church

I have never seen two people smile more during their hour long ceremony. Samantha and Michael were so happy to be married at Saint Monica’s Church just blocks away from their childhood homes. Such a romantic location! The church itself was absolutely perfect for a wedding. We even got a chance to snap a few photos with the newlyweds outside their ceremony venue before the next scene change.

Outside Saint Monica Church

Scene Five: Race Street Pier – Exterior – Empty Pier
Zoom into the party bus arriving at the Race Street Pier.  As the party bus pulls in front of the pier and opens it doors, music, laughter, and bridal party pour out onto the pier.  With smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts, the bridal party heads down the pier for some epic group shots with the Ben Franklin Bridge in the background vignetted by clouds.

Race Street Pier Wedding Party

Cue laughing! (that’s what happens when you tease the flower girl!)

giggling flower girl

With group photos finished, we took advantage of the completely empty pier (remove the extras from the set please!) and created this super romantic movie-poster-worthy image for the newlyweds that hopefully sums up their Philadelphia wedding dreams.

Race Street Pier

Michael and Samantha walk down towards the end of the pier. As they walk you can tell, to them, there is no one else in the world.  Encapsulated in their own bubble, the two head towards the end of the pier for a few additional photos. Cue the soft romantic music as they newlyweds share a quick dance at the end of the pier on the first day of the rest of their lives on the pier in Philadelphia.

Race Street Pier romance

With photos complete, and maybe slightly sore feet, Michael and Samantha board the party bus to head to Celebrations.

Race Street Pier

Scene Six: Celebrations Ballroom – Pre-Reception Reveal
Lights! Cameras! Bride and Groom! Our cameras were focused intently on Samantha and Michael’s faces as they entered their reception ballroom for the first time at Celebrations. The venue staff likes to set the scene for the bride and groom prior to guests being allowed to enter the space. The newlyweds danced around the floor as the purply/blue uplighting and tall floral center pieces cast the mood for the rest of their evening. Front and center by their sweetheart table was their cake from Hornberger Bakery.

Celebrations Ballroom

Scene Seven: Celebrations Ballroom – Party Scene
The newlyweds made their grand entrance into the ballroom wielding light sabers and ducking under an arch of arms from their bridal party. DJ Joe from VIP DJ Entertainment introduced the newlyweds to the floor to share their first dance as a married couple. Videographer Kyle Morales captured all the “firsts” for the couple to watch together ( you know, first kiss, first dance, first cake fight, the normal wedding things).

Cake fight at Celebrations

And really, no blog with a movie plot theme would be complete with out adding in some freeze frames of one of the funniest parts of the evening. We’ll let you watch and write your own version of this this scene plays out.

Garter removal

bouquet toss

caught garter

Garter ceremony prep

Garter and Bouquet

Garter and hairy leg

garter oh no

Scene Eight: Celebrations  – Exterior – Night
Samantha and Michael are such naturals in from the of the camera, we wanted to sneak them away for a few more photos. Since it was a warm October evening, Celebrations still had their iconic fountain going in the front of the property – so we thought we’d end this romantic movie plot with a bit of fairy tale whimsy. The prince and the princess lived happily ever after!

Silhouette at Celebrations

Thank You to the #HappilyEverZanghi newlyweds for having us as your wedding photographers. We hope your life together is always full of fairy tale magic! (Oh, and if you’ve been along for the whole movie plot thing – there would be some hysterical reception photos that did not make the final cut of the blog… but they did make the highlight video below (#JustSayin).

I do, do you need more wedding in your life? – click here!!!

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