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The One with the Perfect Feelings | St. Roberts Bellarmine Church & Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, PA

The One with the Perfect Feelings | St. Roberts Bellarmine Church & Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, PA

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The One with the Perfect Feelings | St. Roberts Bellarmine Church & Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, PA

The One with the Perfect Feelings | St. Roberts Bellarmine Church & Ballroom at the Ben | Philadelphia, PA

Heather & Robert’s Wedding Day Highlights

The best part of a wedding are the feelings we are left with after the event has happened. For Heather and Robert the feelings they want to remember are the love and happiness that surrounded throughout their day. Marriage is about having a companion in life and between this person and the feelings from the wedding day, it will continuously push them higher and higher through life together!

We entered Heather’s parents house on the day of the wedding and were greeted with hugs and smiles from the bride. She energetically showed us (gosh, I’d love to bottle this and sell it!!!) all of her wedding details before sitting down to finish her hair and makeup with Blushing Brides Artistry and Salon G by Giulia Antonietta. All of her favorite details had a family connection to her – on the inside of her Kenneth Winston gown was stitched a blue patch in memory of her brother, Heather’s Mom handmade a garter from her wedding dress, and Heather’s Dad gave her a diamond necklace to wear on her wedding day.

While Heather was getting ready, Rob and his guy were hanging out at Rob and Heather’s new house. Nestled in Furlong, their new house is one of they many pride and joys. I love when grooms have the opportunity to get ready in their own space. There is a sense of familiarity and comfort allowing them to truly relax and enjoy the morning. With the morning light pouring through his bedroom window rob quietly put on his Jos A Bank tuxedo. Even though it was serene in his room, the joyous voice of groomsmen and Marines rang down the halls. It was the kind of energy, happiness, and camaraderie which is infectious. You couldn’t help but laugh and join in the ribbing, jokes, and good times.

Once every groomsman donned their wedding apparel, they headed down to the basement to have a few drinks and play a couple rounds of pool. As we all headed downstairs, Rob looked at me and said “I have something you need to see”, as a smile crept onto his face. As we rounded the corner he pointed and sitting in a place of pride was a throne. I mean a full blown, 6 foot tall, gold gilded, lions scrolled throne. In other words, pure awesomeness. So of course I set up some light and we took a few photos of the “king” in his throne. With a few photos taken, drinks drunk, and pool played everyone boarded the Secrets Limousine Service limo bus and headed to the church to get Rob “hitched”.

The veil moment is such a surreal moment as a bride – there are very few moments where Heather was speechless on her wedding day and the moment the comb went into her hair Heather felt like a bride. Her Mom and five bridesmaids, in their Bill Levkoff gowns helped Heather into her wedding attire so they could do some photos prior to leaving the house. She shared a first look with her Dad before we did some formal family photos infront of the fireplace. One of Heather’s “must have” photos was a moment where she was gazing down into her bridal bouquet of flowers – the below image is a moment we caught when she glanced up – such romantic nervous energy! (I put Heather’s shot in the highlight slideshow at the end of the post, make sure you check it out!)

Heather was surprised to see the tears streaming down Rob’s face as she walked down the aisle towards her husband-to-be. The feelings of waiting at the head of a church for the rest of your life to start are priceless, and create a different reaction in every human – for Rob it is clear he loves his bride with all his heart and his tears show he has big dreams for them to accomplish together in their married life. Heather to Rob is just unexplainable with her green eyes, values, and quirks – which to him is everything. Heather’s face down the aisle displayed a joyous grin – her excitement to be married to this man was barely containable!

The bride and groom shared their ceremony with over 200 guests at St. Roberts Bellarmine Church in Warrington. The ceremony was full of family and friends sharing the responsibilities of providing music and the religious readings. When the two presented flowers to the Blessed Mother Statue they also visited Birds of Paradise flowers in honor of Robby’s late mother. Once they received their final blessing from Monsignor Beisel the two excitedly exited the church to cheers from their guests as they shared a kiss at the head of the aisle. 4LC Studios captured all the newlywed glow (saying “I-DO” was probably their favorite part of the whole day) on camera so they can relive it every time they want to!

With a little “live, laugh, love” philosophy (and a couple drinks in the limo), the newlyweds abandoned their well-layed plan to do their bridal portraits at Rittenhouse Square and the iconic Broad Street due to Mother Nature’s over-ruling hand. Just as the rain rolled off the windows of the limo, the newlyweds put their “photo-fate” in our hands to create them some great portraits on their wedding day. Challenge accepted! Heather’s one request was to at least snag one photo outside on the streets of Philadelphia. Done and done!

Quiet as mice we were in the lobby of the building where Ballroom at the Ben calls home. After we walked in and saw the unique lobby, we got special permission to photograph inside! Using one of our favorite lenses (the Canon EF 11-24) we snapped a killer photo of the empty lobby. We then created a more classy vibe (with a little vintage romantic feel) for the couple using other furniture elements from the lobby. The two were really comfortable in front of our camera lenses which let us have some great creativity!

As we finished photos we could hear Eddie Bruce Orchestra warming up inside the reception space at the Ballroom at the Ben. The newlyweds were anxious to get to cocktail hour so they could peek over the second story and check out all their amazing details in the ballroom. The centerpieces by Schmidt’s Florist stood tall on the tables and picked up the blue cocktail hour glow of the uprights around the space at the Ballroom at the Ben. When cocktail hour ended, guests enjoyed the newlywed’s first dance and handful of toasts from some of the VIP’s in Heather and Rob’s lives.

We witnessed some touching parent dances – each with a twist – Rob with his Step Mom and a symbolic dance with his new Mother-in-Law (t was such a great tribute to his mother and Heather’s brother), and the father/daughter dance wouldn’t be complete without inviting all fathers and daughters out to the dance floor. After guests enjoyed the extraordinary food from Finley Catering and the cake was cut, the dance floor was officially open. It was PACKED! Heather and Rob really splurged on quality entertainment and though each member of the band was amazing, Charlene KILLED it on the dance floor – it was just like being at a concert and having the best seats in the house! I’m sure Heather and Rob took at least one glance around the ballroom and teared up seeing how much fun all their guests were having.

A very very big thank you to Heather and Rob for including us in your wedding celebration!

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