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The One at the Historical Estate | Wedding at Montrose Mansion at Villanova | Radnor, Pennsylvania

The One at the Historical Estate | Wedding at Montrose Mansion at Villanova | Radnor, Pennsylvania

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The One at the Historical Estate | Wedding at Montrose Mansion at Villanova | Radnor, Pennsylvania

The One at the Historical Estate | Wedding at Montrose Mansion at Villanova | Radnor, Pennsylvania

Molly & Chris’ Wedding Day Highlights

We love when everything at a wedding just “clicks”. From the location, to the decorations, to dress, to the personalities of the couple — it’s just so perfect when everything comes together something larger is formed. It is as if a moment in time is created, and for a single evening everything just stops. Nothing matters but the couple and the love surrounding them. For Molly and Chris, their wedding is a quintessential example of a wedding which just “clicks”.

Chris joined us at Montrose Mansion at Villanova University Conference Center donning his fantastic white tie tuxedo from . The tuxedo had a classic elegance and combined with this combed back hair, it was as if fell out of the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. We walked through the mansion together and found the library. On the one side of the library was a wall of windows which poured light into the room. In the center of the was rich brown over stuff leather chairs almost glowing the light. We asked Chris to sit in one of the chairs, and as soon as he fell into the seat his personality started to shine through in every image. At that moment on that day, Chris owned that room.

At the same time Chris was getting ready, Molly and her ladies were laughing and smiling and giggling with the hair and make-up artists from Fresh Breath of Hair. The team had transformed the getting ready room into a hair and make-up salon for the ladies of the bridal party. Molly proudly showed us her Ines Di Santo wedding gown from the Wedding Dress Shoppe. Not to mention that veil. Oh that beautiful veil! Molly’s mother and maid of honor helped her get dressed in the Montrose Mansion library so she could make her way out to see Chris.

Once Molly was ready she headed out to the Montrose Mansion gardens to meet her fiancé who was waiting with anticipation. As she approached Chris from atop the garden steps their eyes locked and smiles exploded across their faces. It might have been an overcast day, however you never would have known it looking at Molly and Chris. The love and admiration they had for each other, was contagious. You couldn’t help but smile and laugh with joy as you watched Molly and Chris share a moment they will remember forever. Once they were ready we travelled through the gardens and around the ground taking photos…….

After wrapping up photos everyone headed off to the to a very private ceremony at St David’s Episcopal Church – at the Old Church. The couple elected to have a completely 100% unplugged wedding to focus on the two of them, the ceremony, and their vows for eachother. We anxiously waited outside the church and once they exited we snapped a quick photo of their joy of becoming husband and wife and then headed back to the Montrose Mansion. The newlyweds sped away in a black car together provided by Celebrity Limo. The bridal party waved them off and looked quite snazzy on this sunny fall day in their Men’s Wearhouse tuxedos and gowns from Jenny Yoo at Nordstrom.

Planner Alix Jacobs was on hand the entire day to keep everyone on schedule and the details in order. We arrived back to the ballroom at Montrose Mansion to find it completely transformed into a reception space. The newlyweds greeted each of their gets in a receiving line fashion as they entered cocktail hour. Guests were treated to live music by Susan Lerner Strings. Meanwhile, we captured some details in the ballroom space. The tables were impeccably decorated with flowers from Market Fresh Flowers.

DJ Adam from Philly Custom DJ kept the crowd intrigued the entire night with a great mix of music for Molly and Chris’ guests. The newlyweds shared a slightly choreographed first dance and the smiles just stayed on their lips the entire night. They surprised their guests with a cake reveal – a very tradition cake from Clay’s Creative Corner Bakery and also kept guests entertained with a Photo Booth from Chariot Services. Molly tossed her bridal bouquet from the icons staircase at Montrose Mansion and with that, their wedding day was complete and they were off to their after party!

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