Braaaiiins raAa RAAAAAAA RAA!! (Translation: Love Triumphs All… even Zombies) Colonial Gardens, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Danielle and Matt’s Engagement Session Highlights


Braaaiiins raAa RAAAAAAA RAA!! (Translation: Love Triumphs All… even Zombies)
Colonial Gardens, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Danielle and Matt’s Engagement Session Highlights

If you are not a fan of awesome, skip reading this next post. If you like all things fun, epic, and extreme, continue reading.

Danielle and Matt told us that if zombies and their jeep could be apart of their engagement session that we could photograph their Phoenixville Foundry wedding. How could we not make their zombie dream come true?

Both of them are fans of The Walking Dead, so we loosely based our world off those zombies.  We enlisted the help of #internalexis to be our official make-up planner. We recruited some volunteers to be turned into zombies and hired a gun safety officer to make sure our session was fun and 110% safe. Colonial Gardens was kind enough to lend us their haunted hayride land to make our zombie dream a reality.

DISCLAIMER: These stunts and props are handled by professionals with safety training.
PLEASE do not attempt to recreate these images without proper knowledge of what’s safe and capable.

After some intense planning – this is what we came up with for the two of them. At this point, you can insert your own hero’s story to follow along with the photos. Though if anyone wants to volunteer to write their epic zombie love story, please email it to me.


Loving the engaged.


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