Happiness is Homemade (and a Supermoon) | Private Home, Pennsylvania| JJ & Rob’s Engagement Session Highlights


Happiness is Homemade (and a Supermoon)
Private Home, Pennsylvania
JJ & Rob’s Engagement Session Highlights

Sunday August 10, 2014 was the day of a supermoon. It was also the day of JJ and Rob’s engagement session.

JJ and Rob were kind enough to invite us to photograph their engagement session at JJ’s parents home.  When we are invited to photograph at the homes of our clients, we never know what to expect; though in this case we were pleasantly giddy as we drive up the long curvy driveway to the house which sat in the middle of an open field. The couples dogs came out to greet us, and we immediately knew they would be a key prop in their engagement session.

These sweethearts gave us a tour of the property and we snapped photos in different areas with just the two of them and some with their dogs. Just before their outfit change, the super moon made its appearance.

Technically a perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system (say what???), a supermoon is when the full moon (or a new moon) makes a very close approach to the Earth making it appear larger than normal. There are usually about 4 to 6 supermoons a year – so check your calendar for the next one, they are super fun to watch especially on a clear night!  August 10 happened to be a perfect night – like perfect perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, warm (but not hot), and exceptionally clear. The supermoon peaked over the horizon and we snapped some photos of Rob and JJ with this astronomical delight.

After an outfit change – we helped Rob and JJ recreate the night that he proposed.  From a romantic dinner (recreated in the driveway), to getting down on one knee in front of the mustang in the dark, it was adorable to watch this young couple tell their proposal tale.

Be super with Rob and JJ and check out their engagement session highlights (we’re over-the-moon for them… get it??)!

Being Engaged is phenomenal – like a supermoon!

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