Lauren & Dominic’s Engagement Session Highlights

Here at Uncorked Studios, we love photographing our couples participating in hobbies or activities which make them truly happy.  It is a wonderful, and rare glimpse into the lives of our clients and we are always honored for these opportunities.  In the case of Lauren and Dominic, they love making homemade pasta together and let me tell you, they do an amazing job.

When I arrived at their home, I was greeted not only by two smiling faces, but the amazing aroma of homemade tomato sauce.  The smell of fresh cooking filled the air.  It was the type of smell which not only stirs the appetite but also transports you to a different place.

With great care the two started by making the dough.  Carefully, and without a recipe, they rolled the dough laughing during every step.  It was clear cooking together was more than just the activity of making dinner.  It was a true moment they shared together.  It was a moment where the rest of the world would fade away leaving only them.  After prepping the dough, they moved the operation to the dinning room where using a hand cranked pasta cutter, they cut the fresh dough in to perfect noodles.  Like a well oiled machine, the two worked together carefully extracting the noodles from the machine and placing them on the drying rack.

Once the noodles were ready, they were boiled under tender and then smothered in beautiful homemade sauce.  Lauren and Dominic, say their favorite part of the meal is making the noodles, however after seeing the smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the fruits of their labor, I am not sure I believe them.  After a great meal, and a few “Lady and Tramp” type moments, we snapped a few more photos of they enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.  I want to thank Lauren and Dominic for letting me document this amazing hobby of theirs and can’t wait to come over a meal!

So – watching the below video will make you extremely hungry… you have been warned!

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