Michelle and Chris’ Engagement Session Highlights

Smiles and stories – I think that is what Michelle and Chris are all about! Oh, and laughter!

For the entire engagement session with Michelle and Chris, we did not see the smiles leave their faces at all! These two clearly make a powerful duo together. These two are Philly city dwellers and enjoy all the aspects of city life. Need a recommendation for an awesome place to eat? Ask these two (I’m sure they will give two different answers, but agree that both of their answers are great options!). When you scroll through their Facebook life – it is full of time spent together and Philadelphia fun!

If you’re wondering where you can snag Shelley’s awesome dress, check out Rent the Runway (P.S., if you’re a bride and needing some extra fashion statements for pre and post wedding events, check out their bridal rentals here.). I absolutely adore the way she looked in the dress (and you can tell from the photos that she felt gorgeous wearing the dress!).  I guess I need to get invited to a few more black tie events (or plop myself in front of the camera) so I can take advantage of some of those awesome fashion pieces! The blue dress was a perfect pick to contrast the colors of the Art Museum (and yes, she rocked those heels for the entire engagement session).

The Philadelphia Art Museum was a clear choice for Michelle and Chris’ engagement session location. We grabbed a few iconic photos of the city, but really took advantage of all the texture and spring blossoms popping up around the venue. This fun-loving duo was game for any pose or scenario we put them in (the only pose they failed at was being able to stare at each other with a serious facial expression – oh well!). With such great spirits we are so excited to meet their friends and family!

How can it be June already? We’re excited to see this fun pair at their wedding in a just a few short weeks! Stay tuned for those photos, but meanwhile enjoy a peek into their Art Museum engagement session.

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