Now Appearing on Center Stage! | Ridley Creek High School | Folsom, Pennsylvania


Stephanie and Eric’s Engagement Session Highlights

When you have the whole house to yourselves… no silly, not THAT house!

It is important for couples to have shared activities together – that is one of my favorite thugs about Stephanie and Eric (you may remember them, from their first engagement session at Ridley Creek State Park from the fall). It was important for this duo to have their relationship captured in one of their more natural environments. Stephanie teaches dance and directs theater at Ridley high school (and though we are not sure which came first), Eric has sound running through his veins and shares his time right along side Stephanie teaching the youth how important sound design is for a production.

We met the two at Ridley High School over spring break to catch a sneak peek of their spring musical and to snap some photos of Stephanie and Eric for their second engagement session. We had free rein of the theater, so we made use of ever aspect. We started in the back playing with the knobs and levers of the sound equipment. Eric looked right at home as he showed Stephanie which buttons made which sound effects. Next the almost-weds played with the spotlight before eventually making their way to the empty stage for a little impromptu performance for the empty theater. We recreated a pose from their first session – those that know the future Mr. and Mrs. said that this sums them up well!


Stephanie and Eric, we thank you for inviting us into your Ridley High School experience (and letting us play with the castle and horse props) – it is going to be July before you know it! Until then, check out these highlights from their second engagement session.

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