Dancing Leaves for You and Me | Ridley Creek State Park, Media, Pennsylvania | Stephanie & Eric’s Engagement Session Highlights


Dancing Leaves for You and Me
Ridley Creek State Park, Media, Pennsylvania
Stephanie & Eric’s Engagement Session Highlights

The two wore blue among a sea of red and yellow leaves – such a great outfit choice for the fall!

Among the 2600 acres we found ourselves outside the Hunting Hill Mansion in Ridley Creek State Park for Stephanie and Eric’s (part one of two) engagement session. Outside the English-Tudor style mansion there are formal gardens as well as a well manicured stone step area. We focused our session here – knowing full well that Stephanie and Eric would be able to create some great chemistry with this background!

The two had a super magical proposal in front of Cinderella’s Castle – so we knew that we only had to push them a little to see their fun playful sides. After a little coaxing, the two couldn’t stop smiling at each other and really had a blast during our engagement session time together. They even nailed “the dip” without any coaching from us! Ridley Creek State park was the perfect place for their “traditional” engagement session. We can’t wait to see these two again and see what they have up their sleeves in regards to the theater and sound production!

It’s time to “fall” in love! See the highlights below!

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