The One with Baxter | Ridley Creek State Park | Media, PA

Heather & Brian’s Engagement Session Highlights

I feel that it is only appropriate that Heather and Brian would invite Boxer along for their engagement session – they announced their engagement the same November weekend they brought home this fluffy (not-so-little-anymore) puppy!

I feel like becoming pet parents it is the first major step to a committed relationship – well, that might not be 100% true – but it’s very clear that these two have created the most perfect home for Baxter. Oh, Did I mention that they are building a place together to give Baxter the most perfect home?

Ridley Creek State Park was the backdrop of choice for the engaged duo. It’s such a great place to photograph because of the wide variety of backdrops we can create in such a small space! Heather and Brian wanted an equal number of portraits with Baxter and without Baxter. It’s clear that these two are head over heels for each other.

My favorite moment from the session was when we got Heather and Brian alone (sans Baxter, sorry bud!) and the sun was shining perfectly behind them with the late August glow you only get this time of year. We asked Heather to just snuggle up with her future husband and they just looked so complete together. You guys are certainly going to make our job easy photographing you two at your summer wedding in 2018!

Ah yes, and one more photo from the session which is my absolute favorite from the whole day. Heather and her real true love.

Can you guys pleaseee bring Baxter to the wedding? I promise he’ll be good… I mean, he’ll try to be good… I mean… well he just will try to be there.. right?

We can cheers to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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