Sentence Us to Life Engagement | Eastern State Penitentiary | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Sandra & David’s Engagement Session Highlights

We love it when our clients have a very very specific idea for their engagement session – Sandra and David loved the idea of fancy clothes with the juxtaposition of a dilapidated environment. They really wanted to have a photo session that had a dramatic edge…. cue Eastern State Penitentiary.

Did you know you can host a private photo session at Eastern State Penitentiary after-hours? Yep!  What an experience it was to be inside the walls of this magnificent piece of history with just a handful of other people.  Eastern State Penitentiary was built in 1829 and since much of the original structures are still standing it really captured the feel that Sandra and David wanted to capture.

When we talked with Sandra and David about their engagement session, they had a very specific vision in mind.  They wanted to express their love of drama and fashion through the juxtaposition of fashion and urban decay.  As soon as they were done explaining their vision, we knew install the perfect location.  We were fortunate enough to photograph at the penitentiary during the penitentiary’s “open hours” and knew the massive stone walls, metal bars, broken glass, and crumbling structures would provide the perfect backdrop to Sandra and David’s natural intensity.

We started the session outside the walls of the prison along the scenic and iconic streets of Philadelphia.  Here, we ran Sandra and David through the basics making sure they were comfortable in front of the camera before walking through the massive stone gates of Eastern State Penitentiary.  As we entered the prison we felt like kids in a candy store.  There was so much texture and possibilities everywhere!  It was also really cool because we were able to go “behind the scenes” and see rooms which you don’t see on the normal walking tour.  Working with Sandra and David was fantastic.  They just “click” and its like they could almost read each others mind, instantly getting on the same wave length to help produce some stunning images.

As we traveled through the penitentiary it was great seeing many our favorite photo spots, while having the ability to try new and amazing things with no one around.  If you thing The Eastern State Penitentiary is spooky during the day filled with people, you should try it at sunset almost completely empty.  I am not one to buy into ghosts and the such, however there were several times I got a cold chill down the back of neck.  Honestly, it just added to the excitement!  We would like to thank Sandra and David for bringing such an awesome idea to us and allowing us to bring this images to life!

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