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Maria & Doug’s Engagement Session Highlights

Gorgeous fall weather, beautiful sunlight, an adoring couple, and two cute puppies! When it comes to an engagement sessions it doesn’t get much better than that! Like normal I am getting a little ahead of myself. Let me first introduce Maria and Doug.

All you really need to know is Doug adores Maria, and Maria adores Doug. It is that simple. Not only is it simple, it is apparent in everything they do! From the way Doug looks at Maria, to the way Maria holds Doug’s hand, it amazingly clear these two people were meant for each other.

The session started with Maria, Doug, and their two cute (and large) puppies taking a stroll through the gorgeous ground of the James Audubon Center, located in Audubon, Pennsylvania. As they walked with their dogs it was relaxing to see the peaceful and calming chemistry between not only Maria and Doug but the dogs as well! As we traveled through the park it was great getting to know Maria and Doug better. They have some of the greatest stories! It was fanatic hearing how they met and intriguing to hear all the cool places they had visited and want to visit. I have to say I am a little jealous of their honeymoon! It is going to be epic!

We worked our way through the park capturing how this family of four loves and supports each other. As the session progressed it was clear this wasn’t an engagement session but rather a family life style session with loving parents and two large, furry, supporting children.

We would like to thank Maria and Doug (and their adorable dogs) for a fantastic time at the James Audubon Center and we look forward to your wedding! We can tell already it is going to be a great time capturing everything which is Maria and Doug!

We can drink to this. We can drink to love and engagements and everything awesome. Wanna read more? – click here!!!

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