Audubon Engagement

Lost without Your Love Engagement Session | John James Audubon Center | Audubon, Pennsylvania

Audubon Engagement

Corrine and Levi’s Engagement Session Highlights

We didn’t know when we arranged this engagement session that the photo spotlight would be stolen by someone besides Corrine and Levi…

In steps three-and-a-half-year-old Chloe. Little blond hair, blue eyed, spitfire taught Mom and Levi how to strut their stuff in front of our cameras at the John James Audubon Center one springy night. Her little smile lit up the evening as she did pretty much everything we requested of her (on her own schedule of course – she was the boss of the show!).

From the moment we gave this engaged duo directions for their first photo set, it became very clear that these two were very comfortable with each other. All the nervous energy was expelled when Levi planted the first kiss on Corrine’s lips. The rest of the session from there on out allowed us to create some wonderful couple photos (and family photos) for these almost-weds. I think Levi stated they might not need any more photos taken for a few years – that’s when Corrine reminded him that little girls grow and change! Besides their wedding, I hope we see this little family in the future to create some more beautiful images for their new home.

I think the most unforgettable part of this engagement session was the moment we asked Chloe to help Mr. Travis pick some yellow flowers for the ring photo. She scampered around the Audubon field helping him find every little yellow buttercup she could manage! What a sweet gesture! I guess she really is practicing to be the flower girl at their August wedding!

Quick! Grab someone’s hand and check out the highlight photos from Corrine and Levi’s engagement session!

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